How Much Does Isagenix Cost?

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Last Updated:  August 13, 2018

Isagenix is a privately held multi-level marketing company that sells personal care products and dietary supplements.

Based in Gilbert, Arizona, the company was founded in 2002 by Jim Coover, Kathy Coover and John Anderson.

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How much does Isagenix cost?

To join Isagenix, new customers can join at no cost, according to the official website, and in doing so, you can save 10% off of the retail price on any of the company’s products.  However, while optional, new customers can join as a “preferred customer” for $39 or $29 if you choose the Autoship option per year, and this option, according to the company, entitles you to 25% off the retail price of the products.

As for the products offered by the company, the prices are broken down into four categories:  preferred customer on autoship, preferred customer, customer and retail, each with a corresponding price, with the “preferred customer on autoship” offering the cheapest option, whereas “retail” is the costliest.  As the company offers multiple products, refer to this PDF to see what the average price is.  These are all of the prices as if you were just a customer looking to purchase and had no interest in joining the company as a “consultant.”

Looking at the official website, the company focuses more on “Paks & Systems,” which are packaged to help you avoid the guesswork to help you achieve results.  These “Paks & Systems,” for example, focus on weight loss and cleansing the system primarily, with the fat burning system, for instance, including IsaLean shakes, services of Ionix Supreme, bottles of Cleanse for Life, Isagenix Snacks, servings of the Natural Accelerator, servings of IsaFlush, an instruction guide, shaker cup and sample pack.

Below, you can see some of these “Paks & Systems” costs, broken down into the respective pricing tiers at the time of this publishing:

What is the Isagenix 30-day system?

The Isagenix 30-day cleanse system doesn’t proclaim itself as a “diet;” instead, it’s known as a nutritional cleansing program that’s designed to help remove potentially harmful toxins and impurities from within the body.  At the same time, while using the system, you will feed your body the right balance of botanicals, herbs, and nutrients to help it retain its natural balance.  Since 2002, according to the company, they have helped more than 300,000 people lost more than 5.4 million pounds in total.

The company offers a few different plan options, ranging from healthy aging to gaining energy, but primarily, the company focuses greatly on weight loss efforts.

In this popular plan, for instance, the first of the three steps of the schedule starts with a “pre-cleanse,” a step which includes the shakes, a sensible meal around 400 to 600 calories and an IsaLeanShake.  The next step, known as the “Cleanse Days,” includes the Cleanse for Life shake, purified water (up to 8 glasses a day) and up to six Isagenix snacks per day.  Lastly, the third step, the “Shake Days,” includes an IsaLean Shake, which is designed to replace a full meal, as well as a 400-600 calorie sensible meal and another IsaLean Shake at the end of the day.  Following this 30-day system has said to increase energy levels, improve clarity, boost weight loss efforts, reduce cravings for unhealthy foods, improve muscle tone and create a smoother running digestion system.

Isagenix products

Weight Wellness – Designed to help rid your body of toxins and impurities, helping you focus on the results of a healthy body.  Products within this product line include the Cleanse For Life, IsaFlus, IsaLean Shakes, and Natural Accelerator.

Energy – Offering a mix of energy-fueling carbohydrates, high-quality protein and nutrition to help improve you feel alert throughout the day.  The company offers three product paks and three individual products – the e+ Energy Shot, Ionix Supreme and Isagenix coffee.

Performance – Designed to help you reach optimal performance by offering a unique blend of ingredients, high-quality protein and energy boosters.  The individual products include the AMPED Fuel, AMPED Hydrate, AMPED Nox, AMPED Power, AMPED Protein Bar, AMPED Recover, IsaLean PRO Shake and IsaPro Whey Protein.

Healthy Aging – Specifically marketed to help combat the effects of the again process, with each product packed with key micronutrients and powerful antioxidants.  Aside from the Paks and Systems, the company offers individual products such as the Complete Essentials™ Daily Pack, Complete Essentials™ with IsaGenesis®, CytoActives, IsaGenesis, IsaOmega Supreme.

Snacks –  Isagenix offers a variety of snacks to help keep your lifestyle on track in a healthy way.  These snacks include Fiber Snacks, Isagenix Snacks, IsaDelight, IsaLean Bars, Slim Cakes, Whey Thins and the five-piece sample pack.

Tips to know

Aside from the 30-day system, a 9-day program, as well as purchasing individual products, are available as well.

All Isagenix products are formulated with the highest quality ingredients, many of which exceed the USDA organic standards.  All products are also subject to a “no compromise” formulation, testing process and ingredient selection.

Women’s Health recommends skipping the Isagenix diet as the products are just not worth it and will not lead to a sustainable weight loss; instead, they recommend offering y our body a variety of nutritional foods that make your body feel better and promote foods that help your overall health.  Since supplements cannot duplicate true foods, sipping on shakes may sound good in essence, but in the end, it’s not worth the investment.

Aside from purchasing from the company directly, you can also find products on and via

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