How Much Does Kyrobak Cost?

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Last Updated:  August 10, 2018

The Kyrobak is a drug-free, in-home therapy option which claims to provide natural relief to those who suffer from mild to moderate back aches in about 10 minutes.

To back up this claim, the device uses a blend of Oscillation therapies and Continuous Passive Motion, which is known to provide a balanced, comforting motion that’s able to boost the blood flow and draw in more oxygen to the spine, allowing it to open up and decompress, allowing the pressure in the affected area to feel relieved.

According to the manufacturer, this device can be managed in the convenience of your own house, whenever you feel it is convenient and no additional stretching, exercises or machines will be necessary.  You simply take it out of the box, attach the power supply, push a button and the device starts to work its magic.

The reported Kyrobak prices online

The prices of the device will greatly depend on where you purchase it and its condition.  For a new unit, be prepared to spend about $300, but if you purchase directly from the manufacturer, they do allow you to split the costs into three “easy” payments of $99.99, but you will need to pay an additional $20 in shipping and handling fees.  On, for example, you can purchase it and will not have to pay for shipping and will only be responsible for taxes if it applies to your geographical location.  Amazon, from what we researched, seemed to be the cheapest option.

As for secondhand units, we were able to find some on eBay, with prices ranging from $99 to $125, plus shipping.

The extra costs

If you purchase from the official company, they will upsell you at the order page, including the option of purchasing a second unit for $219.95 or a separate two-year warranty for another $35.99.

Also, the “tranquility bundle,” which consists of lower back pads will be another $59.95 if you decide to purchase it.

What’s included?

When purchasing new, you will receive the Kyrobak device (either black or gray in color), a storage bag, user guidebook and the necessary power supply that plugs into a standard outlet.  Also, as a free gift, you will receive Dr. Steven Geanopulos’s e-book titled Lifestyle Changes for Relief, At Last.

In addition, the device will come with a one-year warranty, including free replacement parts in case of a repair or an entire unit if they deem it’s necessary.

From reading the company’s official return policy, the device is guaranteed to help your back pain or you will receive your money back, including the original shipping and handling costs if you were to purchase from the official website.  The refund policy, however, is stern as you must use the device for a minimum of 45 days before you’re considered qualified for the return.  Because of this, you will only have a limited 15-day window.  To request a return or a repair, you can reach customer service at (888) 998-4713.

How does it work?

Taking it outside of the box, the device is flat in nature with a moving pad and a bulged-like area, which is designed to hold the motor.  Weighing seven pounds, it is designed to work for those who weigh up to 320 pounds.

To use the device, the company recommends you either lay it on the bed, floor or anywhere you can comfortably lay down for 10 minutes.  On this flat area, you will place it underneath your lower back with the bulged area against your buttocks.

When in position, you will press the button once plugged in, and this will stimulate the moving pad that combines the CPM and Oscillation therapy.  This method will gently move as you regulate the speed in controlled vibrations, which, as mentioned prior, will draw an increased blood flow and oxygen into the affected zone, letting the muscles to rest, relieving you of pain.  At this time, the spine will decompress as the motion helps release tension between the spine.

Is it a scam?

As millions seek relief from back pain, this is a question many ask since there are so many devices available on the market.  While this product does work, we were only able to find one government clinic trial with 16 participants.  This single group assignment, according to the results after the three-week treatment plan, saw a decrease in scores, with the average being 2.87 less out of 10 when asked about their pain when rating from one to 10.

Customer reviews from around the Internet

On, 35+ reviewers gave it an average of 3 out of 5 stars.  The negative reviews simply talked about the device not working or not working according to the claims, whereas the positive reviews said that as long as you use it properly, you can feel great relief.

Via, over 50+ reviewers gave it an average of 3.2 out of 5 stars.  We included the screenshots of the top reviews we found below:

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