How Much Does Liftique Cost?

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Last Updated:  August 22, 2018

The Liftique skin tightening procedure is a non-invasive, FDA-approved cosmetic procedure, with the aim of restoring your skin’s firmness of your face and neck.

Requiring no surgery, fillers, peels or lasers, the Liftique procedure is ideal for those who are looking to restore their skin for a youthful appearance.

Liftique Cost
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How much does the Liftique skin tightening procedure cost?

The costs of the Liftique procedure will depend on your geographical region, how complex your situation is and the doctor you hire.  With so many factors to consider, it can be hard to offer an exact estimate, but from the people who did share their experiences online, it seemed the prices were within the $8,000 range.  As it is a cosmetic insurance, there’s a good chance your health insurance policy will not cover the procedure.

According to the doctors at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons, they said the procedure could cost around $8,000 per treatment; however, the costs, as noted, would vary depending on your geographical region, your doctor’s experience and the complextiy of the procedure.

One patient via used the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons and stated she paid $8,000 and saw great results.

Factors affecting the price

The doctor you hire

A doctor with more experience, additional certifications and a better reputation will almost always charge more than a doctor fresh out of medical school.  According to the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons we cited earlier, a good doctor, if you were to hire one, should be well trained in RF devices to guarantee your safety as a patient while the procedure is being performed.  It’s also important to consider choosing a doctor who is part of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, along with a certification of training for the Liftique treatment.  A good doctor with experience and certifications may charge more; however, it can help assure you he or she is capable of performing the procedure safely, saving you from harmful side effects after the procedure completes.

How many treatments are needed?

In some cases, some patients may require more than one treatment in the future if the results are not as envisioned, but the does note no repeat visits are necessary.  In some cases, the face and neck may require only one treatment, but in specific circumstances, especially if deep wrinkles are noted, more than one session could be needed six to nine months in the future.  The results are generally dependent upon how well you take care of your skin as it ages naturally, such as protecting it from the sun and living a healthy lifestyle, for instance.

How does the Liftique procedure work?

The Liftique procedure uses what’s known as Radio-Frequency (RF) energy, which is applied directly to your skin to help heat the deep layers of your skin where the collagen and elastin fibers are.  As the RF energy reaches beneath the surface of your skin’s layer, it is able to tighten the fat and other connective tissues, essentially adding another layer of rejuvenation to help create tighter skin.  In addition to this, the RF energy can also help shrink the pores and restore sun-damaged skin as well.


After the procedure completes, doctors do note you should expect to see some swelling, with most patients not requiring pain medications after the procedure completes, but for most, the swelling will be noticeable for at least two to three days, with some even feeling the swelling for up to 10 weeks.  In some cases, itching may be noted, but this can be relieved with an anti-histamine.

For most, the recovery period can take up to 10 days, with doctors recommending patients wait at least four to five days before performing light exercises.  After 10 to 14 days, on average, patients can resume strenuous workouts and return to work, even if bruising or swelling is noticeable.

Aside from the swelling, the skin may be extra sensitive to the touch, and after the procedure, patients are advised to wear sunscreen to help minimize any sun damage.

Liftique reviews

On this review for “Liftique,” located in Beverly Hills, California, five reviewers left a perfect 5 out of 5-star rating, with everyone talking about how impressed they were with the office and the results they saw weeks after the procedure was done.

Via, as mentioned prior, we found two people who had the procedure completed and noted the same thing the Yelpers said, claiming the procedure had awesome results and they were pleased with the doctors they worked with.

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