How Much Does Lindamood-Bell Cost?

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Last Updated:  August 22, 2018

The Lindamood-Bell Learning, established in 1986 by Nanci Bell and Patricia Lindamood, was designed in a way to help students to learn to their potential, no matter their previous struggle or diagnosis with language and literacy.

To date, the more than 60 learning centers, recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and various scientific journals, have taught more than 35,000+ individuals to learn to read and comprehend to their full potential.

Lindamood-Bell Cost
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How much does the Lindamood Bell tutoring program cost?

The official website of the Lindamood-Bell Learning Center states the hourly instruction fees vary from center to center, according to the official FAQ, also noting the prices are often comparable to similar professional academic services.  The major difference, however, in comparison to other centers is that Lindamood-Bell centers see students for up to 30 sessions five days a week over a several week period, while other centers commonly schedule one to two sessions per week over many months.  Also, according to the FAQ, the instruction that’s appropriate for your child can affect the price as well, seeing there are multiple options that can work with your situation.

While the official website didn’t note the exact prices, we did find a few third-party websites that had people from the past who used the services, and according to the responses, the prices could range about $95 to $115 an hour/session or about $2,100~ a week, with a commitment of about 20 hours a week and 12 weeks in today, based on the company’s strategy.  In total, be prepared to budget more than $20,000+ to complete the entire program based on the reviews we read.

If you want to consider the center, then they do offer one-time evaluations, which are said to be around $300, but this could be more or less depending on the current promotion being held.

One reviewer for the Walnut Creek, California location on Yelp, for instance, was quoted $109 an hour or about $2,000 a week if her child went to the center five times a week for four hours a day.  This review, at the time of the publishing, was beneath the “reviews not currently recommended.”

According to, the first-class instruction does not come cheap, as per Alberto Luzárraga and Lisa Chen, noting that each program, which runs four hours a day for six weeks, costs approximately $2,340 per week — about $112 per hour., via their review, said they paid $20,000 for 12 weeks of instruction and took out a 15-year loan via Sallie Mae that would cost about $300 a month to pay off.

Programs offered

The Lindamood-Bell uses programs, authored by their co-founders, all greatly focusing on sensory-cognitive processing necessary for reading and comprehension rather than focusing on content instruction.  The company claims to be the only official provider endorsed by the authors of the following programs:

Seeing Stars

Teaches beginner readers basic constant and vowel sounds, then progressing into prefixes, syllables and suffixes, allowing the reader to learn up to 1,000 sight words.

Visualizing and Verbalizing

A program which allows students to use imagery to help improve their comprehension and critical thinking.  The process starts with the word imagery, progressing into sentence imagery and finally paragraph imagery.


A step above the Visualizing and Verbalizing program, additional exercises are included to help link images to words as well as build their vocabulary.


The LiPS program was designed to help teach phonemic awareness, helping students feeling the characteristics of the lips, mouth and tongue that are associated with different phoneme sounds.

On Cloud Nine Math

A math program teaching students the fundamentals of addition, subtraction and multiplication using numbers up to 100.  Like the other programs, the program exclusively uses imagery in the teaching process.

Lindamood-bell learning processes – how does it work?

As per the company’s timeline, it all starts with an evaluation, which is a two to four-hour evaluation, either taken online or in person, and it designed to correctly evaluate and assess the individual strengths and weaknesses in comprehensive, match and reading.  Learning skills measured include sounding out words, word reading, reading comprehension, spelling, vocabulary and math, to name a few.  After this evaluation completes, the company will then specifically explain each test and then recommend a learning path of instruction.  Noted above, the learning center offers a variety of programs to help tackle your child’s weaknesses.

As for the instruction, according to both the official website and third-party reviews, each session will involve one-on-one sessions, four hours a day, for a total of 12 weeks, with each session being “fast-paced, engaging and full of learning.”   With each session, students will receive a new clinician and lessons plans are changed throughout the week to focus on the student’s progress, all while the center provides feedback along the way.  Dependent upon your child’s needs, the initial evaluation will first determine what program your child will work best in.  The review on, for example, stated their son was mostly in the Seeing Stars program, with some visualizing and verbalizing toward the end of the program.

Upon completion, the center will be able to provide lifetime support for both the parents and children.

To learn more about the program more in depth, we encourage you to read this overview and visit the official website.

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