How Much Does LogMeIn Cost?

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Last Updated:  August 27, 2018

LogMeIn allows users to access and manage computers remotely, offering a variety of products, each with its own varying features such as syncing clipboard data, saving passwords, HD quality screen-sharing and remote-to-local printing, for example.

How Much Does LogMeIn Cost?
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How much does LogMeIn cost?

As the company offers a variety of products, the official FAQ page directly links to each product, along with the costs, which we make it easier and break down inside of the table below:

Type of ProductCost (as of 2018)
LogMeIn Central- Basic: $599.99/yr
- Central Plus: $1,299.99/yr
- Central Premier: $1,599/yr
LogMeIn Pro- Individuals (up to 2 computers): $349.00/yr
- Pro (up to 5 computers): $839.99/year
- Small Business (up to 10 computers): $1,539.99/yr
LogMeIn Hamachi- Hamachi: $49/yr
- Premium: $199/yr
- Multi-network: $299/yr
RemotelyAnywhere and Network Console- Server Edition: $199 per single license
- Workstation Edition: $99 per single license
- Network Console: $199 per single license
LogMeIn Rescue- $108.25/month
- $145.75/month for rescue+mobile support

*billed annually

Do note that there is no free edition as this option expired years ago in 2014.  Free trials, however, are available for some products.

Product inclusions — what’s included in these fees?

LogMeIn Central (web-based designed management console to support remote support sessions)

Basic — Includes remote access, user management, computer grouping, deployment, computer search, online/offline status, report, multi-monitor support, ad hoc support, mass delete, mobile access, two-factor authentication and 256-SSL encryption.

Plus — Includes all of the inclusions in the Basic plan, plus the following:  file transferring, background access, desktop sharing, file sharing, HD remote access, remote printing, multi-monitoring display, remote sound, desktop shortcut and host preference packages.

Premiere — Includes all of the inclusions in the Plus plan, plus the following:  patch management, One2Many, Windows updates, anti-virus management, proactive alerts, endpoint monitoring/management, computer audit/inventory, advanced reports and premier customer support.

LogMeIn Pro (most basic version the company offers, allowing users to access files for management)

LogMeIn Pro allows you to access your computer remotely from anywhere, extend file access to unlimited users, complementary password management via LastPass, 1 terabyte of file storage, remote printing options and a multi-monitor display.  Depending on the plan chosen, you will be restricted as to how many computers you can access and the number of complimentary licenses to LastPass Premium.  All plans, however, offer the same inclusions.

LogMeIn Rescue (allows users to support PCs, Macs and smartphones without the need of software)

LogMeIn Rescue offers remote support that’s able to solve every problem “seamlessly and securely” on PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices.  Basic support accounts offer a dedicated license, 24/7 support, remote file transfer, remote diagnostics, a branded calling card, unattended access, help desk software integrations and a reboot and reconnect option.

As for the mobile option, additional features, aside from the Basic inclusions, includes smartphone/tablet support, an SMS connection method, mobile device configuration, co-browsing, push settings and SDK for in-app support.

LogMeIn alternatives

From our research, here are some alternatives, each offering their own pros and cons that are similar to that of LogMeIn

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