How Much Does Luggage Cost?

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Last Updated:  August 13, 2018

Anytime you travel, even if it is only for one night, some type of luggage is going to be necessary.  There are many different types of bags that you can carry.  Article Alley describes these different bags: totes, “any large handheld bag that can be used to carry a variety of things”; a wheeled upright, which can have two or four wheels and can be hard shelled or soft; and duffel bags, “cylindrical shaped bags with a closure or zipper at the top running through its length.”

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How much does luggage cost?

A tote bag, somewhat like a larger version of a purse or briefcase, can be found for $15-$75.  This price depends on the size and brand, but also on the material and durability.  A canvas tote bag from Land’s End will cost about $40 while a leather tote bag from London Office will cost about $60.

A wheeled upright suitcase will cost between $40 and $200.  For example, the Skyway Sigma 2 can be purchased for about $40 while the Samsonite Silhouette 11 will run about $190.

A duffel bag, which sometimes also comes with two wheels for easy transporting, will range in price from $20 to $70.  This depends mostly on size but also on brand and material like the tote bag.  The Ogio Crunch Wasabe will cost only $20 while a duffel bag from Under Armor will cost about $60.

Matching luggage sets can be purchased as well.  These sets usually include 2-4 different sized wheeled uprights as well as a small duffel or tote to match.  Luggage sets are usually three-piece or five-piece and can be found for $75-$250.  A three-piece set from Traveler’s Club will cost about $75 while a six-piece set from Eddie Bauer will cost $150.  A three piece set of wheeled uprights only from American Tourister will cost $200.

A carry-on luggage set ideal for those that want to bring it on board an airplane can cost anywhere from $80 to as much as $500 depending on the brand and quality of the material.  For example, the Travelpro Crew retails for $186 to $300., the ultimate store for those looking for luggage has a large selection of luggage.  Here, tote bags retail for $40 to $300;  Carry-on luggage with no wheels retails for $17 to $350; Carry-on luggage with wheels cost $75 to $200 and hard side luggage ranges anywhere from $110 to $210.


What are the extra costs?

Most airlines now charge for checked baggage.  Each person is allowed one carry-on bag for free; however, these carry-ons have size and weight restrictions.  See specific airline for more information.

Consider purchasing a luggage tag so that you can spot the luggage from the others in the airport, etc.

Tips to know:

Most airlines are going to charge a checked in baggage fee now.  Consider bringing a carry-on bag on board.   If this can’t happen, consider sharing your luggage among family members to save on the fee.

Checking your bags have many pros as well as cons.  Be sure to weigh them both to find out which one is going to be the best for you.  For example, checking in your luggage can avoid less hassle at the airport, while carrying it on can allow you to watch where it’s at.

Be sure to research the size.  If you’re the type that travels with a lot of items, be sure to consider luggage that has enough adequate space.

Always remember that if you’re bringing your carry-on bag, the TSA will limit fluids.

Top brands to consider:

American Tourister





How can I save money?

Stores, such as Kohls and JC Penney, often offer 30% off one item coupons.  These types of deal can really save you money when purchasing a luggage set.

Gently used luggage can be purchased on eBay and Amazon.

If you need a set for the whole family, consider purchasing a set rather than one-by-one.  Luggage purchased in bulk is going to be a lot cheaper than those purchased separately.

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