How Much Does Lupron Cost?

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Lupron, a manmade protein which acts as a natural hormone inside of the body, helps decrease testosterone in men and decreases estrogen levels in women.

For men, it’s designed to help treat advanced prostate cancer, while for women, it can help treat female-related hormone problems (IVF treatments), uterine fibroids and/or to treat endometriosis.

Lupron Cost
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How much does Lupron cost?

The costs of a Lupron injection will greatly depend on the type of kit you purchase (dosage strength), where you purchase it from and your health insurance policy.  From what we researched when contacting local pharmacies, a two-week Lupron kit could retail anywhere from $450 to $750 without any health insurance coverage.

As for health insurance coverage, it appeared that almost all health insurance policies, including Medicare and Medicaid, would cover the injections as long as it was deemed medically necessary.  Greatly depending on your health insurance coverage, the co-pay ranges, according to, could range anywhere from as little as $7 to $669 per kit.

On this forum thread, one member asked what others were paying for a two-week supply for Lupron, noting she was quoted $499 to $649 when she called a few local pharmacies.  According to the responses, one stated she paid as little as $299 via, while another stated CVS had the best cash price in her area, saying it would cost $450 for a two-week kit.

How to save on Lupron

Manufacturer coupon

One way to save on Lupron, from what we researched, was via the official co-pay savings card offered by the manufacturer of the drug, AbbVie.  This card, depending on your dosage, could help you save up to $250 on your next prescription, but as with any manufacturer coupon, qualifications do apply.  To see if you qualify for the savings, go to the official website, and fill out the registration form to see if you can save on your next prescription.  Be sure to read the qualifications at the bottom of the page as well to make sure you are a candidate before you do consider.  Even if your pharmacy isn’t able to accept the savings card, the company does allow you to fill out a rebate card as long as you qualify.

AbbVie Patient Assistance Foundation

The AbbVie Patient Assistance Foundation, according to the official website, offers free Lupron Depot and the LUPANETA PACK to patients who are experiecing financial difficluties.  To see if you qualify, just like the coupon, you will need to fill out the application or go the specific program site for more information as to how to apply in order to save.

Lupron – what’s included?

Lupron comes inside of a vial that contains sterile lyophilized microspheres, which, when mixed with a dilutant, it then becomes a suspension which is administered into an intramuscular or as a subcutaneous injection every three months.  Lupron is also known as the branded name, Lucrin Depot, even though it is considered to be the same product and manufactured by the same manufacturers.

The first injection is usually done inside of your doctor’s office, and depending on your doctor’s policy, he or she may allow you to administer future injections at home.

How does Lupron work?

Lupron works by suppressing the hormonal signals in the brain that are responsible for controlling the production of the hormone estrogen, ultimately reducing the amount of estrogen in the body.  If used for IVF treatments, for example, then it will stop the release of the luteinizing hormone, which would otherwise help trigger ovulation, which means the doctor is able to control when ovulation should occur, timing it precisely to help retrieve the eggs without ending the cycle easier.  In other cases, the medicine can help reduce the amount of testosterone in men and estrogen in women, helping treat symptoms of ovarian cancer or prostate to help slow down cancer cell growth

Lupron side effects

Common side effects may include mild burning/bruising/pain at the injection site, hot flashes, an increase in sweating, night sweats, headaches, nausea, breast changes, acne, muscle aches, insomnia, reduced sexual interest, vaginal discharge/dryness/discomfort, dizziness and/or an increase in urination at night.

Serious side effects may include mood changes, worsening bone paint, increase in thirst, chew pain, weakness, seizures, irregular heartbeat or severe dizziness.

This is not a full list of side effects, refer to this page.

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