How Much Does MedExpress Cost?

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MedExpress, a physician-led urgent care service, offers lab services as well as workplace/occupational medical services, offering up to 90 percent of the services offered in an emergency room setting but at 10 percent of the costs.

With more than 200 locations in 16 states, MedExpress centers are opened seven days a week, 12 hours a day (8 a.m. – 8 p.m.) and no appointment is necessary.

MedExpress Cost
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How much does MedExpress cost?

The costs to go to a MedExpress center, like any urgent care center, will greatly depend on the reason for your visit, which tests are needed, the location and your health insurance coverage since the company does accept most major insurance plans.

For just a visit, without any additional testing, the costs, without insurance, at least from the Yelp reviews we read online, were in the $120 to $200 range.  Again, this was the price for those who had no insurance and required no additional testing, such as bloodwork or x-rays, for instance.   Simple physicals, however, could be much less, depending on the time of the year and promotion.  For instance, during the start of the school year and at the time of this publication, they were offering $30 physicals.

Does MedExpress accept insurance?

As for health insurance, the costs will greatly depend on your insurance policy details as the hundreds of policies on the market can vary.  Some people can pay as little as a $0 deductible to as much as $100+.  To know for certain, check your explanation of benefits or talk with your health insurance provider to know what you would be responsible for if you were to visit a MedExpress location.   You can also visit this link to see what insurance plans your local MedExpress accepts.

With more than 200 locations, we were able to find multiple people who shared their costs online, all of which we included in the table below, along with the source of the information:

Price Paid/QuotedSource
$200 for just the visitCharlottesville location via Yelp
$210 for visit + $50 for strep test + $25 for after hour service feeCharlottesville location via Yelp
$40 insurance co-pay plus another $69 from future bill for just visitCharlottesville location via Yelp
$200 for just visitLodi location via Yelp
$217 for just visit without insuranceLodi location via Yelp
$120 after high deductible insuranceClearwater location via Yelp
$129 without insuranceTampa Bay location via Yelp
$200 without insuranceMars, PA location via Yelp
$50 after insuranceMars, PA location via Yelp
$109 without insuranceMars, PA location via Yelp
$119 without insuranceCinnaminson location via Yelp
$220 without insuranceCulpeper location via Yelp
$210 without insuranceWatchung location via Yelp

Services and treatment options

Source: services and treatment page

MedExpress hours

As per the official website, all locations are opened 12 hours a day, from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m.  However, these times can change.  Check with a location near you for accurate hours.  As long as you come during open hours, no appointment is necessary.

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