How Much Does Medifast Cost?

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Last Updated:  September 5, 2018

Medifast, according to the company, is doctor developed with convenient and nutritionally balanced weight-loss plans packed full of protein to help you feel full while you lose weight.

Used by doctors and physicians for years, it was only in the last decade that the program was developed to be used without the need for any doctor supervision.

Said to be safe and effective, these nutrient-dense designed weight loss meals are fortified with 24 vitamins and minerals to help you lose pounds without losing out on nutrition.

Medifast Cost
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How much does Medifast cost?

The costs of the Medifast plan, if you purchase directly from the official website, will greatly depend on the type of diet plan you choose since the company offers a variety of options as seen on the official website.  With a few options available, we broke down the costs inside of the table below and are accurate at the time of the publishing.  As these prices can change, we highly advise you check out the official website for up-to-date pricing.

Medifast Diet PlanPrice (as per official website) per month (30 days)Signup Link
Medifast GO!- $329 for first-time orders or $429 recurring after first purchase after

*Gluten-free option is the same price
Medifast Flex- $299 for first-time customers or $395 recurring after first purchase after for the Select kit

- $399 for first-time customers or $460 recurring after first purchase for the Complete kit
Thrive Health Living Plan- $312

* includes 2 Flavors of Home, 2 strawberry banana smoothies, 1 pina colada smoothie, 2 cookies and cream shakes, 2 chocolate peanut butter shakes, 3 strawberry yogurt bars and 3 dark chocolate dream bars
À la carte$19.50 per 7 servings (weight-loss bars, shakes, smoothies and/or diet drinks)LINK

If you do decide to purchase through the official website, the company will send you a kit every 30 days, billing you the full price unless you cancel via the member page or by calling customer service.

Medifast diet plans

Medifast Go!

An “easy-to-follow” program designed for on-the-go busy people, the Medifast Go! program is clinically proven diet, designed to deliver a fast and effective weight loss as each meal is nutritionally balanced with the protein you need in order to feel full.  This 30-day kit requires you eat five Medifast meals, plus one lean and green meal each day, all of which are pre-portioned, once every two to three hours.  A gluten-free option is available as well and as long as you stick to the Medifast meals only, no calorie counting is required.

Medifast Flex

Doctor-developed, the Medifast Flex option also delivers the protein you need to feel full while your body burns fat away.  This flexible meal plan requires you eat four Medifast meals a day, along with two lean and green meals and one approved healthy snack.  Like the Go! plan, you will once every two to three hours, six times a day, and no calorie counting is required as each meal, again, is pre-portioned.

The Flex program offers two kit options:  the Select kit, which includes an assortment of meals and a sampling of some of the Flavors of Home® microwavable meals, plus bonus gifts, while the Complete kit includes the same inclusions as the Select kit but also offers a variety of snacks and an infuser box.

Thrive Healthy Living Program

The Thrive Healthy Living Program, offered by Medifast, takes a “common sense” approach to healthy weight maintenance that is based on balancing your food intake with the calories you burn.  This kit requires you to eat three Thrive by Medifast™ healthy fuelings, two lean and green plus meals as well as one balanced meal a day via their “lean and green shopping list.”

How do the Medifast meal plans work?

The Medifast meals, as per the company, are said to be the “staple” of the Medifast weight loss method, with each meal counting as one of your meal servings for the day.  Regardless of what you crave, the company offers more than 65 different weight loss options, ranging from hot to cold to sweet or savory.  Each meal, regardless of your option, is fortified with essential vitamins and minerals to be assured you’re receiving the right amount of nutrition every day.  Every meal is low-glycemic and is low in calories and fat and are specifically formulated to make you feel satisfied throughout the day.

The daily lean and green meals

The daily lean and green meals allow you to eat at any time of the day, whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner — whatever works for your schedule.  You’re also able to break the meals into two portions or even eat it half of the time.  Every lean and green meal option will include five to seven ounces of protein, plus three servings of vegetables and up to two servings of healthy fat, depending on your choices as the company breaks the meals down into three choices:  Lean, Leaner and Leanest.  As for the “green” portions, the company asks you to choose three services from the green options list for each of your meals, and if the plan you choose requires you to create your own meal, then you will need to follow the company’s simple shopping list guidelines.

Healthy snacks and condiments

Aside from the meal plan kits noted above, the company also offers healthy snack options and condiments if you feel the need to spice up your meal or add an extra snack to your daily routine.

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