How Much Does MobileHelp Cost?

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MobileHelp, according to the company, is “America’s premier mobile medical alert system,” offering a variety of mobile technology to make sure you’re protected and have peace of mind.

With a simple push of a button in the case of an emergency, the device immediately connects you to a U.S.-based operator who is able to communicate with you to assess the situation through the device.  If help is needed, then a neighbor, family member, friend or even the local emergency services are contacted depending upon the situation.

MobileHelp Cost
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How much does MobileHelp medical alert cost?

The costs of the MobileHelp medical alert system greatly depends on the system you want as the company, at the time of this publishing, offers four options, all of which we explain in the table below.  To budget, the costs of the MobileHelp medical alert system will depend on the system you choose and how much you pay in advance.  With these factors in mind, the costs can range anywhere from as little as $324 for the year if you commit to an annual contract to as much as $41.95 a month for a month-to-month contract.

SystemPrice (as per official website)
ClassicMonthly - $19.95/month
Quarterly - $83.85
Semi-Annual - $159.70
Annual - $324.40


- One-time fee of $49.95

- Optional automatic fall detection button for $10 extra a month
SoloMonthly - $37.95/month
Quarterly - $89.85
Semi-Annual - $172.70
Annual - $360.40
DuoMonthly - $41.95/month
Quarterly - $99.85
Semi-Annual - $186.70
Annual - $393.40
Smart WatchMonthly - $24.95/month + $349.95 for the watch

How did we get these prices?  These quotes were sourced directly from the official website and are as accurate of this publishing date.  Since these prices can change frequently, we highly encourage you to click here to find out today’s current rates.  As per the company’s pricing page, there are no hidden fees, no equipment to purchase, no landline needed and no long-term contracts, but local taxes may apply.  If unsure you will like the device, the company was offering a 30-day, risk-free trial at the time of publishing.

Additional accessories and services

Connect Premium – $5 extra a month that includes a lifetime price guarantee, discounts on select products and protection in the case of lost, stolen or damaged equipment.

Fall Button – The company’s Fall Button, compatible with the Classic, Duo and Solo systems, can detect a fall as long as it’s within 350 feet of the mobile device or less than 600 feet from the base station.  While the company states it does not detect 100 percent of the falls, users should always push the help button if assistance is needed.  This button, as long as compatible with the device, can cost an additional $10 per month.

Fashion – If unhappy with the look of the basic pendants or wristbands, you can upgrade to a nicer, more fashionable option on the website for about $20.

Cradle Package – Additional cradles, which are used for charging, are available for $2 extra per month.

Medication Reminders –  An option that alerts you through the device when it’s time to take specific medications and can cost $5 extra per month.

Wall Mount Button – $2 extra per month and is an option designed to put on your walls in high-risk situations, such as the shower.

MobileHelp systems

MobileHelp Classic

The MobileHelp Classic system, the company’s most affordable option, includes a cellular base station with a lighted display and choice of either a waterproof wrist button or neck pendant.  Like all of MobileHelp’s product lines, they offer 24 x 7 support, notifying your friends or family in case an emergency were to occur.  The Classic system, according to the description page, is compatible with the MobileHelp Fall Button™ with automatic fall detection, an optional monthly premium add-on.

MobileHelp Duo

The Duo system includes a base station, a cradle charger, the mobile device, a waterproof wrist button or neck pendant as well as a mobile pouch to carry your device around when on the go and is said to one of the most versatile setups for connecting with emergency assistance while inside or away from the home.  Working both inside and outside the home via ATT cellular towers, the Duo system requires no landline or equipment purchase.

MobileHelp Solo

The Solo device is lightweight, with the ability to work either inside of the home or away backed with GPS technology, all with the simple push of a button.  Just like the other devices, this lightweight device includes a choice of either a waterproof wrist button or neck pendant and is also compatible with the MobileHelp Fall Button™ with automatic fall detection, an optional monthly premium add-on.

MobileHelp Smart

Worn as a smartwatch, powered by Samsung, the MobileHelp Smart option gets help with the push of a button.  The watch offers features such as a built-in microphone, vital sign sensor, health-focused applications, and activity tracking, offering 24-hour/365 day protection like the other options.  Unlike the other devices, however, you will need to purchase the smartwatch, about $350 at the time of this publishing, and continue to pay the monitoring fee to keep it active.

How do the devices work?

The home units will work with either a pendant, which is worn around the neck just like a necklace, or a wristband, similar to that of a wristwatch.  On the device, no matter which option you choose, will be a rather large button that you will need to press in the case of an emergency, or in the case of adding the “Fall Button,” then this add-on, while not 100% accurate, will automatically alert your device if it senses a fall.  Once activated, it will then alert the MobileHelp team, who will then be able to communicate with you via the device immediately and send the help needed.


Since the company owns the equipment sent, they will send you a replacement immediately if your current setup were to malfunction.  As noted, they also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, with no obligation, to see if you like how the system works.  If the equipment is lost, damaged or stolen and is considered your fault, you will be responsible for the cost of the equipment unless you purchase the Connect Premium plan.

Tips to know

The company uses the AT&T network, meaning it may not work in all areas.  Be sure to check out the AT&T coverage chart before commiting to a purchase.

The neck pendant and wrist button can last longer than five years on one charge; however, for the mobile devices, it’s recommended you charge it at least every 24 hours, just like you would your cell phone.

If you were to lose power inside of your home, the accessory will run on the battery instead of the outlet and cellphone towers.  The backup battery, however, can only power the device for up to 30 hours.

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