How Much Does NutriMost Cost?

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Last Updated:  August 13, 2018

The NutriMost program, also known as the NutriMost System, is a wellness and weight-loss program designed for people of all ages, often heard on the radio or seen in a newspaper advertisement.

The company distributes its system through its own weight loss centers and also licenses its products to chiropractors and other licensed practitioners to sell out of their private practice.  By 2016, the product, most of which were operated by chiropractors, was in more than 160+ clinics.

Created by Dr. Ray Wisniewski and founded in 1972, a chiropractor who practices in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this diet plan involves restricting calories, using all natural supplements and making the necessary lifestyle changes in order to see results.

If implemented correctly, clients have reported losing as much as 45 pounds due to the body resetting its metabolism in order to reduce food cravings.

The company claims it’s designed to help keep your hormones in a narrow “Fat Burning Zone,” virtually melting away your difficult-to-lose fat areas.

NutriMost Cost
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How much does the NutriMost diet program cost?

According to our research, the official website does not include the official pricing, but digging around online, we did find through multiple reviews that the program would cost about $1,800 on average for the 40 days you’re on the program.  If you want to “expand” your days beyond this and try the diet again, you will be asked to pay an additional fee for about $1,200, a discount.  There are no monthly fees and once you’re done with the program, you can either sign up again if you didn’t see results or you can continue on your own using the same strategies.  However, once the program is complete, you will no longer be able to weight in or receive support from your local coach.

Before you sign up for the program, however, you will be asked to come in for a consultation, which, depending on the current promotion, can cost about $29.

On these comments, for example, a few people, inside of the comment thread at the bottom of the page, said you should be prepared to spend about $2,000, which is about the same price you will pay for comparable diet products such as Skinny Up, Thinfinity and Lighten UP, to name a few.

According to the FTC, the company charged $1,895 for the program, and when signing up, consumers were not allowed to make any negative comments or reviews.  The FTC also noted the consumer testimonials being used were misleading as they failed to disclose that only some of the people used in these testimonials actually followed the system., in her blog post, noted it as the “worst diet ever.”  In her review, she said she lost 22 pounds in 38 days, but she noted that while the weight loss sounds great, the diet itself was awful as she had to starve herself every day.  While the blog post is a few years old, she paid $1,500 for the entire program but did note you could pay $1,200 on day one if you paid in full.  In the end, she recommended hiring a personal trainer and/or nutritionist with that kind of money to learn how to sustain your weight.

How does the program work?

The program formula itself, like many diet programs, will not require any exercise or prepackaged meals.

Before committing, the company will first ask that you come in for a consultation, where they will evaluate your body and tell you the reasons why your body is reacting the way it does.  Using the “NutriMost Intelligence,” they will be able to create a personalized protocal exactly for your body.

Those who do sign up with then receive a multi-page book containing detailed instructions, food plans and recipes you can follow in order to see results, with most people claiming they have to follow a very-low-calorie food plan, about 500 to 800 calories a day.  Consuming these low calories, according to those who used it will create the perfect fat burning state, and even though your caloric intake will be much lower than the average consumption, your appetite will naturally be suppressed by the thousands of calories of fat you’re burning due to the program.  You will be able to eat any foods as long as they are on the approved list.

Aside from your new foods list, you will also be asked to swap out your personal care products to Nutrimost-approved oil-free products.

As you eat, you will be asked to record your food inside of your journal to track your progress in order to share with your coach.

NutriMost reviews

Via the Better Business Bureau, they had eight total reviews at the time of this writing, with an A+ rating For the most part, six reviews were positive and the other two were neutral/negative.  The positive reviewers said they saw awesome results, with some even able to drop their medications, while the negative reviewer said as soon as you’re done with the program, it’s easy to gain the weight back and the price wasn’t worth it.

The Yelp reviews were also limited like the BBB, with a perfect 5/5 review.  Many of the reviewers, like the BBB, said the entire program does work and you can feel much healthier after the program is done.

On its Google Reviews, the Penn Hills, Pennslyvania location had 26+ reviews with a 4.0 out of 5.0-star rating. had close to 40 reviews, with the high majority giving it a thumbs down; however, this website is dedicated to those who want to vent, so we do recommend looking at other review websites to make an educated assumption.

Lastly, on DietSpotlight, almost 40 users commented, giving the entire program a 2.8 out 5-star rating.

Tips you should know

In 2017, the FTC settled with this company, telling the company to stop “making misleading and unsupported claims about its technology and supplements.”  In the end, the FTC warns that while weight loss programs may be appealing, nothing will ever beat simple exercise and dieting.

The ZYTO scan, as mentioned above, will not take place until you commit to the program, paying the full amount.  There are no refunds once you sign the contract in question.

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