How Much Does a Palm Tree Cost?

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Palm trees are in a family of plants known as Arecaceae, a family which consists of many plants and shrubs.  Palm trees usually grow in hot climates but are capable of growing in other types of climates as well.

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How much does a palm tree cost?

The cost of a palm tree will really depend on the type of palm tree you’re purchasing, the size and the nursery you’re purchasing it from.

On average, a 3-gallon palm tree is going to cost anywhere from $15 to $45.  A 7-gallon will cost anywhere from $50 to $70.  A palm tree, which can be four to six feet, can cost $145 to $325.  A tree close to 10 feet can cost $250 to $575.  Larger trees taller than 11 feet can cost anywhere from $500 to more than $2,000.

Refer to our chart below for the most popular palm trees, along with the average costs of each one that we found at nurseries located throughout the United States.

TypeDescriptionPrice Range
Areca PalmReaching heights of 20 feet, it will be wider at the top and up to 10 feet in diameter.- $30 for 5 gallon
Bottle PalmConsidered to be a dwarf palm and caps out at 10 feet in height.- $60 for small
- $250 for medium
- $880 for large
Canary IslandA very large palm that can grow up to 70 feet tall and 25 feet wide.- $15 for 12 inches
- $40 for 24 inches
- $100 for 36 inches
- $175 for 48 inches
- $275 for 72 inches
Dwarf DateNative to Asia, the Dwarf Date can grow up to 12 feet tall and isn't commonly found in the United States.- $15 for 8 inches
- $22 for 16 inches
- $55 for 36 inches
Dwarf PalmetterCapping out at 12 feet tall, it has a rich green leaf and is one of the most cold tolerant palm trees on the market.- $15 for 8 inches
- $90 for 24 inches
- $200 for 36 inches
European FanNative to Europe, this palm tree is very cold tolerant and is known for its green to silvery colored leaves. It can grow up to 10 feet tall.- $13 for 12 inches
'- $70 for 36 inches
- $200 for 60 inches
FoxtailGrows up to 60 feet tall, 12 feet wide and is drought tolerant. Easy to grow and will require full sun.- $65 for 6.5 gallon
Lady PalmDark glossy leaves perfect for indoor settings. This tree can grow up to 14 feet tall.- $45 for 12 inches
- $80 for 36 inches
- $120 for 60 inches
Mediterranean Fan PalmShaped like a triangle and can grow about 24 inches wide and up to 15 feet tall. It will be slower growing than most.- $50 for 3 gallon
Mexican FanThese commonly planted palm trees can grow as high as 100 feet tall and will have a trunk that reaches about 12 inches diameter.- $40 for 24 inches
- $85 for 48 inches
- $120 for 60 inches
- $200 for 72 inches
Needle PalmOne of the most cold tolerant palm in the world, this tree can withstand temperatures well below zero. This palm has a needly-like trunk and bristles all around. It grows up to 10 feet tall.- $35 for 12 inches
- $225 for 36 inches
- $525 for 60 inches
Phoenix PalmA genus of palm tree that can grow up to 75 feet.- $50 for 3 gallon
Pigmy Date PalmKnown as a "miniature date palm" or "Robellini," the pigmy palm matures at 12 feet.- $35 for 7 gallon
- $70 for 15 gallon
- $100 for 18 inches
- $200 for 24 inches
PindoThis very drought tolerant palm can grow up to 20 feet tall and is known for its large cluster of orange fruits.- $13 for 12 inches
- $40 for 24 inches
- $175 for 60 inches
- $300 for 72 inches
Pineapple PalmA robust palm that looks like a pineapple, hence, the name. They grow slowly, forming a large trunk with fronds rising from the ground.- $30 for 3 gallon
Queen PalmOne of the most popular palm trees found in most yards, this tree requires very little maintenance and grow as tall as 50 feet.
RhapisWith a bamboo-like appearance, these trees can make a great alternative to shrubs or a bush.- $50 for 3 gallon
SabalGrowing from the ground, these palms will be very hardy and can be very slow to grow.- $20 for 24 inches
SagoOne of the slowest growing trees that grows symmetrically. It can take over 100 years to reach 20 feet in height.- $20 for 12 inches
- $104 for 24 inches
- $200 for 36 inches older than 7 years old.
Saw PalmettoEstimated to have been around for 700 years, this palm tree caps out at about 15 feet.- $30 for 8 inches
- $105 for 14 inches
- $225 for 26 inches
Silver SawTends to be a very rare tree on the market. This cold hardy palm is slow growing and often grows in containers.- $30 for 8 inches
- $105 for 16 inches
- $225 for 26 inches
Sylvester PalmReaching as high as 40 feet, this palm is known for its silvery green leaves.- $15 for 12 inches
- $40 for 24 inches
- $175 for 48 inches
- $300 for 72 inches
WindmillConsidered one of the only palms that can grow in colder climates, this tree can grow up to 30 feet tall.- $15 for 12 inches
- $42 for 24 inches
- $250 for 60 inches
- $600 for 60 inches and five foot wide trunk

What are the extra costs?

Palm trees, depending on the variety, will need to be trimmed at least twice a  year.  As they grow taller, you will more than likely need a professional to do the job since it can dangerous to do it on your own.  Plan on budgeting at least $60 to more than $150 per tree to have it trimmed properly.

Some nurseries will charge a delivery fee if you don’t meet the minimum spending requirement.

Fertilizers are highly recommended to make they grow at a healthy rate.  Palm tree outdoor fertilizers can cost anywhere from $10 to $22 per pack.

If you need to have the palm tree planted, landscaping companies will charge per tree.  This is going to depend on the size, the setup of your yard, and how far they have to travel.

Tips to know

Carefully choose a location where you want to palm tree as you don’t want to plant it too close to a fence line, house or even power lines.

Very few species enjoy the partial shade, so it’s always best to consider a location that gets full sun.

During the first few months of planting your palm tree, it’s recommended you water the roots at least daily to ensure the soil is well saturated around the base of the tree.  As the tree matures, a few waterings per month will be sufficient enough.

How can I save money?

Keep your eyes peeled for special discounts and/or sales.  Many big name nurseries will commonly hold sales or even offer some sort of coupon on their official website.

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