How Much Does Plan B Cost?

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Plan B is one of the many forms of birth control that is available today.  The term birth control is very broad in meaning, but basically, it covers anything from abstinence to birth control pills to the Plan B pill, more commonly known as the morning-after pill.  Even if you are on a daily contraceptive to prevent getting pregnant, there are times when you may forget to take your pill.  If this has happened to you or you have had unprotected sex, the Plan B pill might be an option.

Even if you are on a daily contraceptive to prevent getting pregnant, there are times when you may forget to take your pill.  If this has happened to you or you have had unprotected sex, the Plan B pill might be an option.

 How much does plan b cost?

On average, Plan B is going to retail for $30 to as much as $65.  The main difference in price is simply the pharmacy where you purchase the pill and the commonly used brand name.  Brand names include My Way, Next Choice, Plan B, Plan B One-step and Option 2.

Costs can be lower for those who meet certain income requirements.  For example, at Planned Parenthood, it can be as little as $10.

On, the costs of one tablet is close to $35.

According to, the cost of Plan B ranges something from $35 to $60, with the average cost of about $45.

At, Plan B one-step retails for $47.  As a reminder, store requires that you are over 17 years old to purchase.  If you are younger than 17, you will need a prescription to purchase the pill.

If you have a health insurance policy, you may be covered in the same way as you would be covered for daily birth control pills.   Since all policies vary, it is best to look at your coverage.  If you do not have insurance, has hundreds of policies that you can browse through.  The typical co-pay range, from what we researched, was in the $35 range.

We researched a few pharmacies and retailers to see what they were charging and included the costs inside our table below.

RetailerCost (without insurance)

Plan B overview

According to its package instructions, one white pill should be taken by a woman within 72 hours after unprotected sex and another one white pill 12 hours later.  Each dose contains 0.75 mg of progestin levonorgestrel.  This can work in one of three ways.  First, it could prevent the egg from leaving the ovary in the first place.  If this has already occurred, it can stop that egg from being fertilized by the sperm.  Finally, if both of these have already happened, it can stop the implanting of the fertilized egg into the womb.

Plan B is not an alternate for a regular method of contraception for the reason that it is not as effective as regular contraceptive methods.  According to the Plan B website, this pill is effective for seven out of eight women, which is a much lower percentage than the effectiveness of daily birth control.  This pill should only be used in emergency situations after sexual intercourse.

Plan B one-step includes the possible side effects of heavier menstrual bleeding, nausea,  lower abdominal pain, fatigue, headache, dizziness, breast tenderness, and delay of menses.  With the exception of irregular bleeding, most side effects will subside within 24 hours.

Plan B can be found either through online registered pharmacies, local pharmacies such as CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aid and organizations like Planned Parenthood.

What are the extra costs?

A package of Plan B contains only just one white pill.  However, you need to take another one after 12 hours, so your extra costs would be buying another Plan B.

Tips to know:

Never take Plan B if you are already pregnant as it will not do anything to stop the pregnancy but can cause damage to the mom and fetus.

Always remember that plan b is not a cure for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

The indication that you are pregnant while using Plan B is when your period is more than one week late since the delay in menses with Plan B is only seven days at a maximum.  There is no way to tell if the Plan B pill worked until you see whether or not your period is regular.

When is it too late to take the pill?  According to Columbia University, it’s best to take it within a 72-hour window to make it 89 percent effective.  However, it can still be effective if you were to take the pill five days after intercourse.

How can I save money?

Plan B One-Step, at the time of this writing, for example, is currently offering a printable $10 off coupon on their website.  If you want to save, consider using this coupon from their website.  Print this and show it at the pharmacy where you will buy your plan B.

Because the first dose of Plan B is more important than the second, you can spend the money on the name brand for the first pill.  When taking the second dose 12 hours later, you can opt to purchase the generic brand which is known as Next Choice or Take Action.  This second dose just supports the first and the generic brand will be cheaper, so this is the route that many people take.

If you are struggling with finances, many organizations such as Planned Parenthood can help you with financial assistance.

If you are on Medicaid, check your coverage since most of the time they will cover this.

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