How Much Does Plywood Cost?

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Plywood is manufactured from the thin layers of wood veneer that is glued together.  This engineered wood is medium in density and reduces the tendency to split when nailed at its edges.  It can also help reduce expansion and shrinkage, offering better stability when compared to other materials.

Pine Plywood by Design Build Love, on Flickr
Pine Plywood” (CC BY 2.0) by  Design Build Love

How much does plywood cost?

The cost of a sheet of plywood will depend on the size and where it’s purchased.  Depending on the thickness, plywood can cost anywhere from $5 to as much as $55 for a 4×8 sheet.  For example, a 4×8 that 1/4″ thick can cost $6, while a 4×8 that is 11/32″ thick can cost around $15.  See our chart below to give you a better idea of what you may pay at a local hardware store.

At Home Depot, for example, they offer more than 150 types of plywood on its website, with prices ranging anywhere from $12 to $50 per board for its top sellers.  Lowe’s, on the other hand, has prices ranging anywhere from $15 to $50 for the most popular 4-by-8 sheets.

Do It Yourself says the average sheet of plywood can cost $10 to $50.

ThicknessPrice Range (for a 4x8 sheet)
15/32"$15 to $35
23/32"$15 to $40
11/32"$7 to $14
15/32"$10 to $18
19/32"$10 to $20
1/4"$6 to $25
7/16"$5 to $10
1/2"$6 to $11
19/32"$7 to $14

NOTE:  All price ranges above are for a 4×8 sheet that is standard with no alterations.

TypeThicknessAverage Price (4x8)
Hardboards1/8$10 to $15
Hardboards1/4$15 to $20
Treated3/8$40 to $50
Treated1/2$50 to $65
Treated3/4$60 to $75
Hardwood (birch or oak)1/4$20 to $40
Hardwood (birch or oak)1/2$50 to $60
Hardwood (birch or oak)3/4$60 to $75
Sanded1/4$25 to $35
Sanded3/8$30 to $40
Sanded1/2$35 to $45
Sanded3/4$40 to $50
Sanded (fir)1/2$70 to $80
Sanded (fir)3/4$80 to $90
Sanded (maple)1/4$40 to $50
Sanded (maple)3/4$65 to $75
Sanded (cherry)1/4$40 to $50
Sanded (cherry)3/4$65 to $75
Sheathings (pine)3/8$11 to $20
Sheathings (pine)1/2$15 to $20
Sheathings (CDX pine)5/8$15 to $21
Sheathings (structurewood osb)7/16$10 to $15
Sheathings (structurewood osb)5/8$15 to $20
Sheathings (structurewood osb)1/2$10 to $15

Plywood overview

Buying plywood can be overwhelming, and most of the plywood found at local big box retailers, according to, will be for roofing purposes, building garages or covering a bathroom floor.

Plywood can come from different trees, and the sheets of plywood, as noted in our table above, are available in various sizes.  Popular wood species includes alder, aspen, birch, cedar, cherry, douglas fir, fir, hickory, mahogany, maple, oak, pine, red oak, southern pine, walnut and white oak.  However, if you were to purchase plywood locally, most retailers will only carry plywood in demand, which is often three to four species such as oak, birch or mahogany.

Like any wood, it can also come in various thicknesses and different grades.  The most common sizes in the United States are 3/4″, 1/2″ and 1/4″.

What are the extra costs?

Plywood that is already sanded or made from a different type of wood can cost 30 percent more than raw plywood.  For example, oak and birch will cost more than a standard OSB plywood.

As mentioned, most stores will only carry three to five species, and if the type of plywood isn’t being carried by your store, you may have to special order it for an additional fee.

If you have no way to transport your sheets of plywood to your home or construction site, most stores will offer delivery for an extra charge.

Tips to know:

The variety of plywood can be rather overwhelming.  Whether you are going to use plywood for your cabinets or for something outside your home, be sure to know what the differences are going to be when purchasing the materials.  If possible, try to do your homework online first as you may find that many local employees do not know as much as you would want them to know.  Choose the type, size, and thickness according to the job that you are doing, not necessarily the price as all plywood isn’t created equally.

How can I save money?

Plywood is often on sale at local hardware stores, so watch the ads closely to find the best deal.

Most hardware stores offer a store credit card.  If you are going to be buying a lot of plywood and other building material, you may want to sign up for one.  You can usually get 10 to 25% off your purchase just for signing up for a credit card.

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