How Much Does Plywood Cost?

Plywood is manufactured from the thin layers of wood veneer that is glued together.  This engineered wood is medium in density and reduces the tendency to split when nailed at its edges.  It can also help reduce expansion and shrinkage, offering better stability when compared to other materials.

Pine Plywood by Design Build Love, on Flickr
Pine Plywood” (CC BY 2.0) by  Design Build Love

How much does plywood cost?

ThicknessPrice Range (for a 4x8 sheet)
15/32"$15 to $35
23/32"$15 to $40
11/32"$7 to $14
15/32"$10 to $18
19/32"$10 to $20
1/4"$6 to $25
7/16"$5 to $10
1/2"$6 to $11
19/32"$7 to $14

NOTE:  All price ranges above are for a 4×8 sheet that is standard with no alterations.

TypeThicknessAverage Price (4x8)
Hardboards1/8$10 to $15
Hardboards1/4$15 to $20
Treated 3/8$40 to $50
Treated1/2$50 to $65
Treated3/4$60 to $75
Hardwood (birch or oak)1/4$20 to $40
Hardwood (birch or oak)1/2$50 to $60
Hardwood (birch or oak)3/4$60 to $75
Sanded 1/4$25 to $35
Sanded3/8$30 to $40
Sanded1/2$35 to $45
Sanded3/4$40 to $50
Sanded (fir)1/2$70 to $80
Sanded (fir)3/4$80 to $90
Sanded (maple)1/4$40 to $50
Sanded (maple)3/4$65 to $75
Sanded (cherry)1/4$40 to $50
Sanded (cherry)3/4$65 to $75
Sheathings (pine)3/8$11 to $20
Sheathings (pine)1/2$15 to $20
Sheathings (CDX pine)5/8$15 to $21
Sheathings (structurewood osb)7/16$10 to $15
Sheathings (structurewood osb)5/8$15 to $20
Sheathings (structurewood osb)1/2$10 to $15

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