How Much Does Pork Roast Cost?

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Like a pork chop, there are many cuts at the local market that will be labeled as a “pork roast.”  Popular cuts include tenderloins, blade roasts, rib roasts and top loin roasts.

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How much does a pork roast cost?

On average, depending on the type, the costs of a pork roast are going to range anywhere from $5 to as much as $13 per pound.

For instance, a boneless shoulder/butt roast retails for $5 to $8 per pound while a bone-in butt roast can retail for $5 to $8 per pound.

Walnut Hills Farm in Tennessee offers the following pork roast cuts:

Sunny Cedars offers the following pork cuts and the current price per pound:

Factors that affect the price

Pork cut

The cut of the pork ordinarily has a major influence on the price of the pork roast variety.  Pork tenderloins, which are lean, boneless and tender, are the most expensive cut of pork.  Pork sirloin roasts are typically less expensive than pork tenderloins.  Pork blade roasts are usually fattier compared with other roasts and are often less expensive.  In other words, the leaner the meat, the higher its price will be.


Buying pork roast from farms or at farmers markets often mean getting fresher meat at lower prices. Another advantage of obtaining meat from farms is that the pork they sell comes from organic pigs raised on pastures and fed with grass.

Pork roast overview

Pork roast orders come in several forms.  Pork tenderloins are also known as pork tender and pork fillet.  They are the most popular for roasting due to their lean, tasty and moist qualities.

Pork blade roasts are also known as pork rib end roast, rib end pork loin, pork 7-rib roast and 5-rib roast.  Pork rib roasts are also referred to as pork center loin roasts and usually sold as pork roast when the ribs are taken out. They are fattier compared with pork tenderloins but are moderately lean and very juicy.

Pork sirloin roasts are also known as loin pork roast, pork loin end roast and pork hip bone roast.  Boston butt, which is another name for Boston shoulder, pork butt and pork shoulder, are taken from a thicker part of the shoulder.

What are the extra costs?

Buying a whole hog from a meat supplier and having them cut it to produce prime pork cuts entails a processing charge, a kill fee and a per-pound processing fee.  At some farms, the processing fee can be as much as $125 for a whole hog and about $65 for a half hog, while the processing charges can include a $35 kill fee and a $0.50/lb processing fee.

Meat is normally shipped in insulated cooler shipping boxes, which are charged according to size.  Some suppliers charge $13.95 for a small cooler with a capacity of 2 lbs, while the shipping costs of an extra large cooler that can accommodate up to 35 lbs. is $35.95.

Tips to know:

When buying pork, make sure that the meat is firm and the flesh is pink to reddish pink.  A darker red shade indicates that the pork is acidic.  While its meat is juicy and tasty, it does not keep well and will need to be consumed right away.

Some suppliers sell pork tenderloins with a silver skin or silvery membrane still attached to it.  This must be removed before cooking.

Keep raw pork roast in the wrapping it came with and store it in the freezer for two to four days.

Only buy pork roast if it has the “Pass and Inspected by USDA” seal.  This means the meat is free from diseases and has passed the federal safety standards set by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

How can I save money?

Try to buy meat supplied by organic farms, at local farmers markets, or at butcher shops.  They typically sell fresher and better quality meat at prices lower than in supermarkets.

Find wholesale meat dealers as they often have less expensive pork roast varieties.  Check out your local Costco or Sam’s Club.

Maximize your pork roast order when buying online.  Meat is usually shipped in insulated cooler shipping boxes to preserve their quality.  Suppliers usually charge for the container and an additional handling fee on top of the shipping charge.  By maximizing your order, you can minimize your shipping costs.

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