How Much Does a Remote Starter Installation Cost?

A remote starter is a feature that allows a car owner to start the car with the push of a button.  This can usually be done from up to 2,500 feet away and is helpful in the cold winters.  It also allows you to let your car warm up or cool down while leaving it locked, lessening the threat of theft.

Some new cars can be purchased with remote starters, but a remote starter can be installed separately on any car.  Most of the remote starters also come standard with keyless entry capabilities.  The cost of a remote starter can depend on the features, the age of the car as well as the brand.

How much is it?

Noted below are a few quotes we received for a professional remote starter installation.  These prices are for both the starter the installation job.

with Installation
Chevrolet Silverado$200 to $375
Ford F-Series$200 to $400
Ford Focus$150 to $300
Ford Fusion$175 to $375
Honda Civic$200 to $350
Honda CR-V$200 to $400
Toyota Camry$250 to $450
Toyota Corolla$250 to $400

We called up a few local shops and asked them what they would charge us.  Here’s what we found:

CompanyBallpark Average for JUST Installation
Best BuyFREE (with promotion) to $200+
Midas$180 to $400
Pep Boys$200 to $400
Walmart$115 to $350
Ziebart$250 to $450

What is going to be included?

What are the extra car starter costs?

Tips to know:

Top brands to consider:

How can I save money?

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