How Much Does Sausage Cost?

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Sausage is made from ground meat and may contain items such as herbs and spices blended for flavor.  The casting of the sausage itself is made from intestines, but this is not always the case as it will depend on the brand.

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How much does sausage cost?

The usual price for an averagely sized sausage found at a local grocery store is usually $3 to $6 per four to six pack.  The cost will depend on the brand and where you’re purchasing from.  Smoked and cured sausages can cost anywhere from $4 to $6.  Refer to our table below for popular brands, along with the average cost of each.

Homemade sausage processed by a butcher can cost anywhere from $1.50 to as much as $4 per pound, depending on the type of meat used.  For example, Esposito’s Finest Sausage retails for $17 to $23 for six pounds.  At the Purdue University meat shop, smoked sausage links sell for $2.99 per pound, while southern brand sausage retails for $1.49.

Kountry Boys Sausage, a popular sausage retailer from Texas, retails for about $7 per 24 ounces.  This particular company uses no fillers, dyed casings or additives; just wholesome country goodness.

Pickled sausage can cost anywhere from $20 to $32 per 32-ounce jar.

Vienna sausage, made from pork and beef, comes in a can, similar to tuna fish and can retail for about $1 to $2 per five-ounce can.

BrandPrice Average
Applegate Chicken Sausage (12 ounces)$7.50
Arabiki Sausage (5 ounces)$3
Bilinski Sausage (12 ounces)$8.50
Botto's Sausage (5 pounds)$60
Edelmann Italian Sausage (5 pounds)$14
Esposito Sausage (6 pounds)$70
Hillshire Farm Beef Summer Sausage (16 ounces)$5
Hillshire Farm Little Smokies (48 ounces)$8
Hillshire Farm Polska Kielbasa (14 ounces)$4
Jimmy Dean Sausage Patties (24 count)$8
Jimmy Dean Sausage Roll (2 pounds)$6
Member's Mark (Sam's Club) 16 links$14
Simms Summer Sausage (16 ounces)$6
Swaggerty's Sausage (42 count)$10

Sausage overview

Each company is going to have its own recipe and flavors.  Check the ingredients on the back of the packaging to see what meats and spices were used as they will all vary.  According to Wikipedia, a sausage will consist of a meat, but it can be filled with other ingredients such as a cheap starch filler like breadcrumbs or spices.  Common sausage flavors found at a local butcher can include maple, sweet Italian, cajun, hot Italian, pork and Andouille.  Some retailers, such as the Sam’s Club brand mentioned in the table above, can have flavors such as mild green chile and Monterey jack or spinach and asiago.  As for meats, the most common includes pork, but elk, buffalo, venison, chicken and turkey.

Some sausages can come pre-cooked, while others have to be cooked thoroughly.  Cooked sausage will be made with fresh meats, cooked and then can be consumed immediately or stores in the refrigerated and will have a similar process but will be smoked after they have been cooked.  Fresh sausage won’t be cured and must be cooked thoroughly before being consumed.  Dry sausage will be cured, fermented and dried.  These sausages can last a longer time and can be eaten raw.  Bulk sausage, another term commonly found on the market, means it’s just the meat and won’t include the casings.  Vegetarian sausage, as the name proclaims, won’t have any meat inside and will usually use tofu or a soy protein, along with spices similar to that found in a regular sausage.

Tips to know:

If you want to make something such as turkey sausage, consider using a moister meat and grind keeping the skin on.  For chicken sausage, consider combining the meat with a heavy cream to keep it from tasting dry.

If you’re unsure of how the spice is going to taste with the sausage, consider mixing a small blend in the pot ahead of time to see how it tastes without the meat.

A great way to clean out a sausage maker is by grinding a few pieces of white bread through it to pick up most of the particles that are lodged in.

Popular sausage brands


How can I save money?

If you are going to purchase a pre-processed pack at your local grocery store, check the manufacturer’s website or social media page for coupons.

Check your local farmer’s market as some may offer freshly made sausage.  This will be comparable in price but will usually have a much better flavor and quality.

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