How Much Does ShelfGenie® Cost?

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ShelfGenie® designs slide-out shelves that address storage and organizational needs.

Through its franchises, ShelfGenie® custom designs, builds, and installs pull out shelving options for existing cabinets in the kitchen, pantry, bathroom, garage or anywhere shelves or cabinets exist.

They are considered to be the only nationwide franchise designing, building and installing custom pull-out shelving solutions into existing cabinets.

How much does ShelfGenie® cost?

The cost of a ShelfGenie® installation will usually depend on the scope of work, the type of shelving options being installed, the geographical location and the local franchise.  From our research, with so many factors involved and endless design options, for the pullout shelving alone, it is best to budget close to $275 to $375 per pull out shelf.  This would include the materials and the professional labor.

John Johnson, the owner and lead designer for ShelfGenie of Northern Virginia and Washington D.C., answered questions for the Washington Post.  According to one response, he said the average Glide-Out would cost $275 to $325 and that price would include all of the labor, parts and a warranty.

According to a forum thread on, a forum member asked if anyone had used the ShelfGenie® service before.  According to her quote from a local ShelfGenie® franchise, she was quoted $5,000 to transform a nine-foot-high pantry room.  On that same thread, another member said he was quoted $3,000 to install three new glide-out™ trays and replace 12 existing drawer glide sets.

Via these comments on, one member stated she spent $3,000 for the company to upgrade all of their cabinets.

On this Yelp review for a Seattle, Washington location, she was quoted close to $400 per pullout shelf.

ShelfGenie® overview

To start the process, a registered ShelfGenie® designer from a local ShelfGenie® franchise will first survey the existing space, inventory the items, assess the needs and discuss how the cabinets are used.  He or she will then establish separate zones that will fit the room’s setup.  Next, he or she will then create a complete custom plan which improves the access and enhances the usable storage by up to 50 percent. Depending on the customer’s needs, the plan can be implemented in stages or all at once. To ensure a custom fit, a certified installer will take cabinet measurements to the millimeter for the custom glide-out™ shelves. The shelves are then constructed, with a delivery time of typically four to six weeks after the measurements are taken. The installer then calls to schedule an installation appointment at the customer’s convenience.

The company offers various types of glide-out™ shelves that are custom-made from a 9-ply eco-friendly Baltic birch with scratch-resistant Melamine bottoms, built with heavy-duty steel rails and professional grade hardware.  These shelves are then finished with a UV-protected moisture-resistant coating for durability. The shelves are designed to move in and out smoothly with a touch of a finger.

These glide-out™ shelves can store up to 100 pounds and come with a lifetime guarantee on parts and labor. All ShelfGenie® custom cabinets are created at their factory in the United States and then delivered and installed by its certified installers. Installation of the custom cabinets can take a few hours.

Tips to know:

Take advantage of the free consultation where a ShelfGenie® designer will inspect the existing cabinet setup and provide a custom plan free of charge.

Some of ShelfGenie®’s most popular solutions include glide-out™ tray bins, spice racks, Lazy Susans, glide-out™ trash bins, blind corner solutions as well as two-tiered glide-out™ shelves known as risers, which are installed underneath sinks and around drain pipes.

Many of ShelfGenie®’s designers are trained professionals who have undergone cabinet organization training. Many, according to the official company, are professional organizers or interior designers. They also provide professional advice and assistance to customers in terms of arranging storage solutions and accessories so that the storage space is optimized.

ShelfGenie® franchises are located in a number of major cities and suburbs all over the United States and Canada. To find a local ShelfGenie® franchise, use the locator on its official website.

How can I save money?

ShelfGenie is one of the many options to consider if you’re considering pullout shelves for your cabinets.  As per this post, there are other competitors to consider, including The Container Store, SimpleHuman, Rev-A-Shelf, Shelves That Slide,, Home Depot or IKEA.

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