How Much Does Silk Fabric Cost?

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Silk is known to be one of the finest yarns available and can be used to create an elegant-looking fabric and rustic look.  Silk fabric comes in a variety of weights.  Lighter silk will usually be used for a dress, while a heavier silk may be used to create a suit.  Silk can also be crisp or softened.  A crisp silk will be used for a top or as trim, while softened silk will be used to create pants.

Red Fabric with Folds by shaire productions, on Flickr
Red Fabric with Folds” (CC BY 2.0) by  shaire productions

How much does silk fabric cost?

The cost of silk fabric will depend on the type, quality, its rarity, the amount, the colors and where it’s purchased from. On average, the cost of silk is going to vary anywhere from $5 to as much as $65 per yard.  Most silk fabric, from what we saw, will be in the $5 to $15 per yard range., an online retailer that sells different kinds of silk in various colors, sells silk for $7 to $60 per yard.

Walmart often carries a handful of options at its local stores.  Here, the prices range anywhere from $10 to $45 per yard, depending on the pattern and brand.

Type of SilkDescriptionAverage Price (per yard)
CharmeuseHas soft muted crepe on one side and a classic shiny satin look on the other. This silk can be stretchier than most.$7 to $22
ChiffonStronger and heavier than gauze silk, it's woven in a way to create a crepe-like texture.$5 to $10
Crepe de ChineAvailable in several weights and will commonly come in black and white. It will have a slight crinkled textured with a gentle drape. The sheen will be more subtle when compared to most.$8 to $19
DupioniA plain weave crisp style of silk, often woven with differing colors.$13 to $21
GauzeLight in weight, delicate, very soft and can work great with dyes.$3 to $5
GeorgetteA sheer, lightwegith, dull-finished fabric named after the French dressmaker, Georgette de la Plante.$10 to $22
HabotaiKnown as a "china silk," this is the classic silk seen in most projects. It's soft, lustrous and perfect for those who are beginning to work with silk.$3 to $6
JerseyA machine-made fabric and can be more elastic than most silk.$5 to $20
OrganzaThis crisp silk is strong, flat and smooth in feel. It's great for garments and lampshade work.$5 to $8
RawAs it notes, raw silk will be natural with an off-white color. It can be rough to the feel.$4 to $8
TaffetaA crisp, smooth plain woven fabric made from silk.$15 to $33

Silk fabric overview

Silk, like any other fabric, can come in many colors, including beige, black, blue, brown, gray, green, ivory, orange and pink.  The fabric can come in widths ranging from 36 to 72 inches, with the high majority being in the 44 to 57-inch range.

While most silk fabric will be a solid color pattern, it can also be found with stripes, plaid, floral designs or an abstract look.

Silk fabric is suited for apparel, blouses, bridal gowns, drapes, dresses, jackets, overlays, slacks and suits.

How can I save money?

Since silk can be hard to find locally, you may have to buy it online.  Before committing to your purchase, consider ordering a small sample, something many online retailers allow you to do.  This way, you will know if the fabric will work with your project.

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