How Much Does Swordfish Cost?

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Swordfish, also referred to as broadbill or broadbill swordfish, is the most widely distributed variety of all billfish found in the Pacific Ocean.

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How much does swordfish cost per pound?

When purchased either online or at a local fish market, be prepared to pay anywhere from as little as $11 to as much as $24 per pound for fresh fillets. Typically, fresh swordfish is going to cost a lot more than frozen, often double the price.  The cost will depend on the time of year, your geographical location and where it’s purchased.  The prices of swordfish tend to be lower during the peak seasons, which runs from August through October.

On Amazon, for example, the highest rated sellers sell frozen four-ounce steaks for close to $9 each.

For example, at Randy’s Paradise Shrimp, a fish market located in Southwest Florida, a pound of fresh swordfish steak costs $22, while five pounds retails for close to $100.

Anderson Seafoods in California, another fish market, offers 12 ounces of fresh swordfish for $28 per pound.

Swordfish overview

Swordfish is tan in color with a firm texture and can be purchased either fresh or frozen.  Orders are often sliced fresh off the bone, cut into steak slices and then vacuum sealed.

Average steaks will weigh six to 12 ounces.

The taste of swordfish, as explained by, is said to be mildly sweet, with a moisty meaty texture.

What are the extra costs?

Ordering swordfish online may incur additional shipping charges due to the sensitivity of the shipment; however, these fees may be waived if you purchase the minimum order requirement.

Tips to know:

Swordfish meat can vary from a pale to a pinkish color.  An indication that the swordfish is of good quality is when there are thin red blood lines lining the loin or fillets.

Swordfish can be grilled, broiled or sauteed.  Be sure to cut off the hard, inedible skin before or after cooking.

According to, the first-class swordfish tend to have a rich flavor, higher oil content and boast a texture that can be equivalent to premium beef cuts. The quality of the swordfish can greatly vary.  The reason?  Swordfish boats are usually at sea for varying lengths of time, some staying in the ocean for a few days and others for as long as a month.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency cautions children and women to avoid eating swordfish due to the reports of significant levels of mercury found in swordfish.

While there are many benefits to eating swordfish, there are also a few negative aspects.  First, swordfish is high in cholesterol.  It is not, however, over the limit.  Also, swordfish contains small amounts of mercury, and eating too much may cause harm.

The NOAA classifies swordfish as “sustainable,” meaning swordfish harvest from the Pacific are very healthy and not overfished.

Swordfish nutrition facts

How can I save money?

Consider purchasing in bulk.  The more you purchase at once, the more you will be able to save.

Whether you’re purchasing in person or online, look for special promotion codes or wait for an intriguing sale.

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