How Much Does TeamSnap Cost?

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TeamSnap, the number one sports team management app, takes every aspect of organizing a sports team or group and simply simplifies it.

Designed for virtually anyone, whether it be a coach or parent, it can be helpful for organizing a sports team, alumni group or church group to name a few.

To date, the company claims to have more than 15 million users in 196 different countries.

TeamSnap Cost
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How much does TeamSnap cost?

The cost of TeamSnap greatly depends on the plan you sign up for.  As of 2018, the costs can range from as little as $0 with no storage to as much as $17.99 a month for unlimited storage and members per roster.  The company will bill “per team,” not per account.

The apps are free to download and a basic information is available, as indicated in the table below, however, if you want to upgrade to use various features and/or need storage space, then you will need to upgrade your account.

PlanInclusionsPrice (PER TEAM)
Free- No storage
- 30 members per roster
- Schedule
- Messages
- Payments on the web
Basic- 500MB of storage
- 30 members per roster
- Schedule
- Messages
- Payments
- Mobile Alerts
- Availability
- Email Reminders
Premium- 2GB of storage
- 40 members per roster

All of the Basic inclusions, plus:

- Statistics
- Customization
- Assignments
Ultra- Unlimited storage
- Unlimited members per roster

All of the Premium inclusions, plus:

- Multiple sponsorships
- Priority support

NOTE:  These costs are accurate as of 2018.  Please refer to the official website pricing structure here for more information.

Features the company offers

A roster with contact information – In order for the team to access your account, you must provide a password for the entire group.  From there, players and non-players will be able to upgrade any of their contact information, ranging from a phone number to email address, all available beneath the roster tab.

Schedule – Members part of the group are able to view the schedule, including the date, time, location via a map and the game results all in one area.  TheTrophyMom noted you can enter the team information once, saving you a lot of time.  You’re also able to export your calendar from either Google Calendar, Outlook or iCal as well.

Availability – Members, within the app, are able to mark their availability for any of the events, whether it be a practice or game.  This can include not showing up at all, being late or confirming the date.

Tracking tasks and items –  Whether it’s turning in a consent form or another piece of important information, this feature allows you to track each player’s progress, allowing you to know exactly who turned in what and who is still responsible to hand something in.

Payments – Like tracking the tasks, the app also allows you to track payments, seeing who paid certain fees and who still needs to do so.

Statistics – Specific to the sport in your account, the statistics section allows a member to customize wins, losses and track meaningful statistics such as goals, assists, goalie stats to name few.  Again, these statistics will be based on the sport your account is tied to.

Share photos – As mentioned in the chart above, the company allows teams so much in terms of storage space, depending on which account you sign up for.  This storage can be used for files, media or photos to name a few.

Send texts and emails – For last minute announcements, group owners can send out last minute SMS messages and/or email messages to the entire group or specific individuals.

Email reminders – Members can receive email reminders based on their preferences, reminding them of upcoming practices or events.

Facts you should know

The app, either via Google Play or iTunes is free to download and offers the same information you store on the desktop version.

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