How Much Does a Tent Rental Cost?

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Whether you need a tent for a graduation party or a wedding, these temporary structures can provide you the shelter you need in your backyard.

The cost of a tent rental depends on the size of the tent, the inclusions needed, the geographical location and company offering the tent rental.

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How much are tent rental prices?

Since there are so many factors, the price can range anywhere from $80 to more than $2,000 per day.  The main factor is often the size of the tent and the time of the year.  Refer to our chart below to see the average prices we have found with our research online.

JMS Tents, located in the Phoenix area, lists their prices on their official website, along with pictures of the tents available.  The 20’x20′ tent with a canopy, for instance, will cost $215 for the day, while the 10’x10′ tent will cost closer to $115.  A much larger tent such as the 20’x60′ tent with a canopy can cost $645 for the day and is suitable for up to 130 people.

Size of TentPrice Range
20x20 Pole Tent$150 to $295
20x30 Pole Tent$295 to $400
20x40 Pole Tent$350 to $550
20x20 Frame Tent$250 to $400
20x40 Frame Tent$400 to $650
20x60 Frame Tent$600 to $850
30x30 Frame Tent$500 to $800
30x45 Frame Tent$800 to $1,100
30x60 Frame Tent$1,200 to $1,500
30x75 Frame Tent$1,400 to $1,800
40x40 Frame Tent$1,000 to $1,400
40x60 Frame Tent$1,400 to $1,800
40x80 Frame Tent$1,900 to $2,400
10x10 Festival Tent$95 to $150
10x20 Festival Tent$160 to $300
20x20 Festival Tent$200 to $350
20x30 Festival Tent$250 to $450

NOTE:  Pole tents usually won’t have sides installed, while a frame tent will.  Festival tents are similar to a pole tent but tend to be a tad smaller.

Tent rental overview

The quotes mentioned above should include the complete setup of the tent, accessories, tables, chairs and complete teardown.  Any reputable company should explain exactly what you’re getting with your payment ahead of time.  Before you assume, however, there are a few things to keep in mind.  Ask about the labor, how long you can keep the tent, if the tent requires a permit, if it’s weatherproof, if delivery fees apply and if the size will be suitable for your party.

Tents can come in a variety of styles, qualities, and types.  Whether it’s an elegant pure white tent for a wedding to a party tent with a myriad of colors for a graduation party, most of your reputable companies that rent out tents will have a few to choose from.  At a minimum, your average pole type tent will have a center pole with poles on each corner, but a frame tent will have no poles inside the tent and can offer more in terms of square footage.  Generally, the tent will need a five-foot perimeter, at a minimum, for staking purposes, and the smaller the tent is, the fewer stakes it will need.

What are the extra costs?

Many tent rental companies will charge extra for additional tables and chairs.  These can either be set up by the company or can just be dropped off in a driveway.  Tables, depending on the size, can cost $9 to $15 each, while chairs can cost $1.50 to $7 each, depending on the style and type.  For instance, a basic folding white chair could cost $2 each, whereas a cushioned seat could cost closer to $7.

Tent lighting, if needed, can cost $1 per foot for string lights to $75 to $150 per chandelier.  Some companies may also be able to offer paper lanterns, bistro-type lighting, mini LED lights and/or decorative pole lighting.

A heater for the colder months can cost an additional $100 to $300 depending on the amount of power required.  A 170,000 BTU, for instance, charges $175, while an 80,000 BTU can be $95.

Tent sides can cost anywhere from $1 to $4 per foot, depending on the size and the style.

Tent liners are often $0.50 to $1 per foot.

A portable stage could cost $30 to $50 each, depending on the size.

If a dance floor was required, it could cost about $30 to $40 per four-by-four foot plank.

Carpet and/or hardwood flooring can be added to the tent’s floor for an additional fee, usually about $0.65 to $1 per square foot.

If you have a caterer, they may require you to supply them with a tent as well, which can be considered another expense.

Tips to know:

As a general rule of thumb, have five to 10 square feet of space for every person.  If it’s a buffet dinner, then it should be up to 15 square feet per person. says if you want to accommodate up to 100 guests, then you should need a 30×60 pole tent, but if you need to accommodate close to 200 guests, then it’s best to consider a 40×80 pole tent.

How can I save money?

Chances are there will be quite a few tent rental companies in your area.  Some may list the prices on their official website, while others may offer a quote over the phone.  Try your best to get at least three quotes before deciding on a company.  If you don’t know where to go, consider asking your caterer if you plan on working with them as they may have a nice referral.

While a liner can make a tent look a lot nicer, consider skipping it and going with a pole tent to create that “drape” look.

Flooring is often unnecessary for the tent, so focus on the dance floor area only to save.

Heating and air conditioners will be an expensive cost to consider, and if you absolutely need one or the other, highly consider fans in the summer or rethink the heater in the winter.  Ask your tent rental company if they really think you need climate control for your ten.

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