How Much Does the YMCA Cost?

The YMCA started out in the 1800s as the Young Men’s Christian Association.  Although the YMCA has changed a lot over time, it still has the basic focus of bettering people in the area.  The goal of the Y is to nurture the potential of kids, to help people lead a healthier life, and to support neighbors while strengthening the surrounding communities.  Through these values, YMCA has become a popular destination for people who want to lead a more fulfilling life.  In order to fulfill all of the goals set by the YMCA, however, funds are needed to run each program.  For this reason, there are membership dues that are necessary in order to be part of the programs offered by the Y.

How much does the YMCA cost?

Annual Dues
Youth (under 18)
$90 to $120
$280 to $350
Couple (Married Legally)
$380 to $450
Senior Couple
$350 to $400
Single Parent with Family
$300 to $350
$500 to $600
Senior Adult
$200 to $275

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