How Much Does ThermiSmooth Cost?

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Last Updated:  August 10, 2018

ThermiSmooth is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to smoothen out wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin.

This is the only FDA approved device, at this time, with built-in temperature controls.

How much does ThermiSmooth cost?

The total cost of treatment will vary depending on the geographic location of the clinic, the doctor’s fee and the number of sessions you need to achieve your desired result.  The average cost, according to our research, to see results is about $1,400 to $2,500 to see desired results.

Each session, however, will cost about $200 to $350 each, with the average candidate needing at least three to five sessions.  Since everyone will be unique with their situation, it’s best to multiply the number of sessions you need by $300 to figure out a good estimate.  Seeing this is a cosmetic procedure, most health insurance providers will not cover the procedure.

We went ahead and called a few providers in the United States and included the quotes we received in the table below:

Geographical LocationPrice Quoted
Cleveland, OH$375 a session
Dallas, TX$400 a session
Miami, FL$1,600 for 6 sessions (offered 1 free session if bought 5 in full)
Newark, NJ$2,200 for 5 sessions
Orlando,FL$700 for 2 sessions (stated it was a promotion)
Raleigh, NC$1,000 for 2 sessions
San Francisco, CA$1,500 for 3 sessions
Tucson, AZ$1,250 for 4 sessions, located in Rhode Island, for example, charges $250 for one full face or neck treatment, according to their official price list on their website.  If you purchase a four-session package, however, they will include the fifth session for free.

The process

Before the process is even considered, there will be an initial consultation where your doctor will determine whether you’re an ideal candidate for the treatment.  During this time, your doctor will determine the amount of ThermiSmooth sessions you will need relative to the severity of your issue and the final results you want to have achieved.

The day of the session, before the doctor starts, your doctor will gently and thoroughly cleanse the treatment area. He or she will then place / stick a grounding pad on a muscular area to enable a good flow of the RF energy.  This RF energy delivered to the surface of the skin heats the cells and triggers the body’s natural collagen production. The treatment will end after the target area reached and maintained the desired temperature for about five to seven minutes. Your doctor will then apply a clear gel to the treatment area and set the ideal temperature for your treatment.  The ThermiSmooth device will flutter on and off during the procedure to maintain the selected temperature and deliver controlled heat to the target area. This means that when the heat on your tissue reaches the desired temperature, the device will automatically turn off. It will turn on again when the device passes over a skin that is cooler.  In addition to the built-in heat-controlling mechanism used to monitor the heat of the tissue, an external infrared camera is also used to monitor the temperature on the surface of the skin.

The treatment area may feel hot for a few moments but generally, the sensation is warm and comforting.  While the process is relatively painless, a topical anesthesia may be used.

Treatments, on average, can take up to 30 minutes to complete.

You may be able to return to work and to your normal daily activities right after treatment, but it may take several days or weeks for significant results to be visible.

As for followup visits, doctors will recommend waiting for one to two weeks between sessions.

How does it work?

ThermiSmooth will heat the collagen beneath the skin to more than 104 degrees Fahrenheit by using a handpiece device that is able to control the heat to maximize comfort.  This heat, in turn, will begin to tighten the skin, essentially lessening the effects of aging.  This treatment, as compared to other non-invasive fat treatments, is different due to the temperature that’s able to be controlled via the device.

Tips to know

You can have multiple ThermiSmooth treatments to achieve your desired result, and in fact, most patients, from what we witnessed online, will need three to five sessions on average. A minimum of four sessions is recommended, and a maintenance treatment every four to six months is necessary to maintain and prolong the result.

ThermiSmooth can be used in many different areas, including the forehead, under and around the eyes, around the mouth, jaw lines, neck and upper arms.

Aside from slight redness of the skin, which normally subsides in just about an hour, there are really no side effects associated with ThermiSmooth treatment from what we researched.

Good candidates, for both men and women, include those with loose skin on either their mouth, forehead, neck, cheek and/around the eyes. offers a variety of ThermiSmooth before and after pictures from their past clients.

How can I save money?

Some clinics offer package deals as indicated by the source mentioned above.  In general, the more packages you purchase in advance, the more you can save.  Talk with the provider you do choose to see if there are any deals you can take advantage of.

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Average Reported Cost: $3000

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Less Expensive $1 $1.5K $3K $5K $6.5K More Expensive $8k

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    Was it worth it? Yes

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