How Much Does Tilapia Cost?

Tilapia, a species of the cichlid fish, comes from the tilapiine cichlid tribe and can be found in a variety of fresh water areas such as streams and lakes.  Tilapia is known as an invasive species for some bodies of water, often taking over and killing off other species in the area.

Because of its very low levels of mercury and low costs, tilapia is a popular fish, especially for those on a vegetarian diet.  Even though they are native to the Middle East and Africa, they have been distrubuted across the globe, being farmed in more than 80 farms across the world.

The cost of tilapia will depend on the time of the season, how it’s processed and where you purchase it from.

Tilapia Roja by Luna sin estrellas, on Flickr
Tilapia Roja” (CC BY 2.0) by  Luna sin estrellas

How much does tilapia cost?

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How to cook frozen tilapia

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