How Much Does Venison Cost per Pound?

Venison is quite popular since it has a very rich flavor that is not found in other types of regular meat.  The price of venison depends on the type of cut, the butcher, time of year and the geographical location.

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How much is it?

Type of Cut (what you should expect in package)Average Price (per pound)
Back Ribs (3 to 5 pound)$2 to $5
Short Ribs (3 to 5 pounds)$2 to $5
Ground Meat (1 pound)$6 to $10
Deer Jerky (four ounce bag)$7 to 12
Summer Sausage (1 pound)$7 to $12
Deer Bologna (1 pound)$7 to $14
Stew Meat (one pound)$7 to $15
Skirt Steaks (0.5 pounds)$8 to $12
Shoulder Roast (5 pounds)$8 to $15
Half Carcass (10 to 25 pounds)$10 to $15
Kabobs (2 pounds)$10 to $15
Deer Brisket (1 pound)$10 to $15
Whole Leg$10 to $15
Fajita Strips (5 to 10 pounds)$10 to $17
Sirloin Butt Roast (1 pound)$10 to $17
Flatiron Steaks (0.5 pounds)$12 to $17
Flank Steaks (1 to 2 pounds)$15 to $22
Steak Medallions (0.5 pounds)$15 to $22
Whole Loin (1 to 3 pounds each)$20 to $28
French Rack (1 to 2 pounds)$20 to $30
Loin Chops (0.5 pound each on average)$22 to $30
Whole Tenderloin (1 pound each)$40 to $50

What is going to be included?

What are the extra costs?

Tips to know

Venison vs beef

How can I save money?

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