How Much Does XPEL Ultimate Cost?

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Constructed from using a combination of advanced elastomeric polymers, XPEL Ultimate’s special clear coating will not only prevent the film from discoloring, but it will heal itself from any swirl marks or light scratches, according to the official manufacturer website.

This special coating, when applied, will leave the surface indistinguishable from the factory paint, and when installed by one of their network-approved contractors, the installers will make sure the alignment around the surfaces meets the exact specifications, creating the perfect invisible barrier, protecting you from all the hazards on the road today.

XPEL Ultimate Cost
Xpel and Gtechniq body protection” (CC BY 2.0) by IainCameron

How much does XPEL Ultimate cost?

The costs of having a professional install the XPEL Ultimate coating will greatly depend on the professional you hire, the vehicle you drive, what you want protected and your geographical location.  From the looks out of it, if you were to hire a professional, you will want to budget anywhere from as little as $500 to apply it on a few parts to as much as $4,000+ to coat the entire car.

Average prices
Partial front end (includes up the hood, fender, front bumper, mirrors and headlights)$900-$1,250
Full front (includes the entire hood, front fenders, front bumper, mirrors and headlights)$1,850-$2,400
Full car (includes every painted surface on the car)$4,000-$8,000

With multiple people sharing their costs online, we gathered a few of these quotes and included them in the table below:

Quotes gathered
Whole hood, side panel back to the doors, mirrors, front bumper and lights$2,400 in Houston, TX
Lower part of hood, all mirrors, headlights, inserts to open the doors and sill plates on the door jama$800 in Miami, FL
Front bumper, partial hood, front fenders, door guards and door handles$900 in Tampa, FL
Front bumper, headlights, door inserts and door sills$550 in Orange County, CA
Full hood, full fenders, entire front bumper and all mirrors$2,200 in Dallas, TX
Hood, bumper, quarter panels, side mirrors, head lamps and door handle wells$1,700 in York, PA
Bumper, mirrors, lights and side skirt$750 in Atlanta, GA
Front bumper, headlamps, mirrors, partial hood, rear bumper and all mirrors$1,200 in Nashville, TN
Bumper, half the hood and all mirrors$690 in Cleveland, OH
Entire bumper, whole hood, front fenders, door pockets, mirrors and area behind rear wheel$2,200 in Salt Lake City, UT

On this forum thread, a member said he was quoted anywhere from $5,000 to $9,000 to wrap the entire car, while another member on this same thread said everything, but the windows and sensors, would cost him $4,500.

To budget, use the official XPEL calculator as seen here, and once you find the prices, add another 20 to 30 percent to figure out what an installer would charge.

Facts to know

XPEL recommends asking the installer to wrap the edges where possible.  This means the wrap, when applied, will wrap over the edge of the panel, creating a cleaner look.

Always visit an installer’s shop before paying a deposit.  You will want to check out some previous work and ask about their experience as well to ensure you’re making an educated choice.  To find an XPEL approved installer, you can do so by going here.

The product does come with a 10-year warranty against any yellowing, peeling, cracking, discoloration and/or hazing.  If it fails, the company will replace it, including the labor.

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