How Much Does Zoosk Cost?

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If you’re currently looking for an online dating service, there’s probably a good chance you landed upon the name, Zoosk.

Being around since 2007, it has more than 40 million members, slightly more than, according to the official website.

While this may mean more matches for you, it does come at a cost.

How Much Does Zoosk Cost?
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Does Zoosk cost money?

Like many dating websites, Zoosk does offer a free membership option; however, with this free option, you’re only able to create a profile, browse other singles, send winks and even receive chat requests.  But in order to access the many other features, such as send and reply to messages, then you will need to pay a monthly subscription.

According to the official website’s FAQ, they have three subscription options:  6, 3 and occasionally, they may offer a one-month option.  Depending on the subscription plan you choose and the payment type you choose, the costs will vary.  To make things easier, we compiled the prices we found online in our table below:

DurationMonthly PriceTotal
1 month$29.95$29.95
3 months$19.88$59.95
6 months$12.49$74.95

NOTE:  The monthly subscription can only get you so far, and as we explain next, you will need to purchase coins to do even more.

Aside from the subscription option, users can also purchase what’s known as “Zoosk coins.”  These virtual coins, while optional, will unlock and allow you to access premium features that allow you to stand out and promote yourself.  According to this FAQ, coins help promote yourself with “boost,” unlock matches in the carousel, buy virtual gifts for other Zoosk members and you can get delivery confirmations when your message was opened.  Both paid subscribers and free members can purchase coins to take advantage of these coins.  As for the price of the coins, once again, we broke down the costs in our table below since the more you purchase, the more you’re going to save.

How much do Zoosk coins cost?
700 coins$49.95
250 coins$19.95
95 coins$9.99

How does Zoosk work?

When signed up, users can create their profile in a matter of minutes.  Once live, members will show as matches in their local zip code area and you will be able to search as well.  The “scientific” matching service will ask you multiple compatibility questions, linking you with prospective members in your area depending on the number of questions you answer.  Once a day, the website will send you one match, in which you can either accept or deny.  As with most dating platforms, the more questions you answer, the more matches you may receive.

Aside from the premium features, the company also offers virtual coins, an optional option for both paid and free members.  With these coins, you can send gifts, receive message confirmations and unlock additional matches.

Other features include the Zoosk messenger, allowing you to chat with other members, and the news feed, which connects your Facebook to the platform, allowing you to see updated profile information, photos and more.

Tips to know

The company maintains a strict no refund policy, including all Zoosk coin purchases and subscriptions.  The company mentions you need to cancel your subscription before the renewal date to avoid any unwanted future costs.  Many people claim to have a hard time deactivating their account, but it can be done so by following these directions.

The company does offer promotional codes for first-time customers, so be sure to be on the lookout for them before signing up.  According to the FAQ, promotional codes can only be redeemed when purchasing with a credit card.  Aside from promotional codes, free trials may exist as well, offering you a premium subscription for up to 30 days.

Be forewarned when purchasing coins.  According to the fine print, if your coin balance falls below 20 coins, then you will automatically be charged for a new coin package in the same amount of your original purchase.

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