How Much Does the Huntington Learning Center Cost?

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Last Updated:  August 9, 2018

The Huntington Learning Center is a learning center for students who need help with their academic skills and help prepare for upcoming exams.  This can include reading, writing, math and test-taking skills for standardized tests.

The Huntington Learning Center offers a class setting or private tutors depending on your child’s specific needs.  The center offers to tutor students from middle school all the way through college.

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How much does the Huntington Learning Center cost?

Before the tutoring begins, an assessment test will be required to determine the route a student needs to take, and the assessment test alone can cost anywhere from $150 to $200.  Once an assessment plan has been determined, a parent should be prepared to spend around $40 to $75 per hour.  This hourly rate will depend on the specific geographical location and the topic.

According to one parent on this forum thread, she paid $170 for the test and was quoted upwards of $10,000 for 240 hours of learning.

On this Yelp thread, discussing the costs of the Huntington Learning Center, one member said she was quoted $47 to $56 per hour while another was quoted $50 an hour.

Huntington Learning Center overview claims that the Huntington Learning Center uses a diagnostic-prescriptive-tutorial approach coupled with excellent curricula used by caring, concerned tutors in a supportive educational environment.”

Your child will receive one-on-one help from a professional tutor, and this tutor will be able to help the student with information, tests, quizzes, homework, writing assignments, and anything else that may be assigned inside of the student’s regular classroom.  In addition, the tutor can offer extra help in each subject that your child needs.

The Huntington Learning Center offers an online library of resources that can greatly enhance your child’s experience and progress.  While the center warns that nothing can replace a personal tutor for your child, these are good options for parents to use at home as extra practice and learning opportunities.

The learning center covers the following topics: reading, math, phonics, writing, spelling and vocabulary.  They can also help with preparing for exams such as the ACT, SAT and GED.

The average student has to go through 150 to 200 hours before they see any progress.

Depending on the student’s goals, they may have to go up to six hours a week.

Tips to know:

When considering a tutoring company, most people who have used them in the past highly recommend researching private tutors before choosing a franchise-based company.  However, if you feel you want to sign up with a franchise company, do your due diligence ahead of time to make sure it is the right path to take.  It has been said that there is no cost that is too high for your child’s academic achievements.

Be prepared to invest hours of tutoring time to see any improvements in your child’s education.  This will include extra homework and time working with your child at home.  Otherwise, the tutoring hours could be a waste.

If you call up your local center, some will be able to give you a quote over the phone.  Since these centers are franchised owned, every center will have its own policies.

A proven approach to help their students succeed…

The first step is via a thorough academic evaluation that will evaluate the student’s strengths and weaknesses.  The center uses a variety of tests to measure their coordination with various subjects, such as math, writing and reading.

After an evaluation has been performed, the center will analyze the test to determine the path that needs to be taken.  This will be done via a parent/tutor conference.  During this conference, the center will show you observations, conclusions and what lessons they recommend.

Based on the conference, the parents will help decide what lesson plan is going to be the best route to take.

Once a lesson plan is agreed upon, the student will attend tutoring lessons to reach their academic goals.

Signs your child needs tutoring

Your child’s teacher tells you that your son or daughter is a daydreamer or a class clown.

Your child’s teacher tells you that your son or daughter is a social butterfly.

Your child was retained for any reason.

School personnel suggests a child study team evaluation or that your child should be classified.

Grades are not where they should be.

Homework is a battle.

How can I save money?

Try to compare at least three learning centers in the area to discuss their philosophies and pricing tiers.  Other franchise-based centers to consider are Sylvan and Kumon.

If you know where you or your child is struggling, highly consider a private tutor or an online service that can help with a particular subject.  These tutors can be found by asking your local school.  Try these options to see if they can help before making the leap to an expensive facility like the Huntington Learning Center.

Keep your eyes peeled for promotions or special events.  For example, right now, the center is allowing students the chance to win a free scholarship that they can apply toward their tutoring sessions.  While rare, Huntington Learning Center coupons may be available online as well.

If you were to buy a package of sessions ahead of time, you may be able to lower the hourly rate.

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