How Much Does a Hyde Park Country Club Membership Cost?

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The Hyde Park Golf and Country Club is a private club located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Opening its doors on the 4th of July in 1909, it has slowly evolved into one of Cincinnati’s premier clubs.

How much does a Hyde Park Country Club membership cost?

The initiation fees, from what we researched are very small when in comparison to neighboring country clubs.  Said to be in the very low $xx,xxx range, we were unable to provide a definite answer to the exact fees and monthly dues.  From some members, they said it’s best to budget around $350~ a month for a full golf membership, but again, this isn’t confirmed; it’s only speculation at this time.

The membership options

Golf – Golf membership options grant access to the clubhouse, year-round events, tennis, platform tennis, the swimming facilities, bowling, fitness facility and golf course access.

Social – A membership option designed for those who want to enjoy the country club atmosphere but don’t want the golfing privileges.  This membership offers access to the clubhouse, tennis courts, paddle tennis, swimming pool, bowling and the fitness facility.

Hyde Park Country Club overview

The club offers a wide array of amenities, including its signature Donald Ross 18-hole golf course, a tennis complex, a heated 25-meter swimming pool and clubhouse.

What are the extra costs?

Lesson opportunities are available for tennis, platform tennis and golf, all of which can incur additional costs.

Clinics, leagues and tournaments can be an additional cost to budget for as well.

Social events, commonly held in the clubhouse and the club throughout the year, can almost always have a fee to consider.

Guest green fees will apply to non golfing members.  These fees are said to be anywhere from $50 to $65, depending on the day of the week.

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