How Much Does a Hymenectomy Cost?

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Last Updated:  August 9, 2018

A hymenectomy is a surgical procedure for an imperforate hymen, which causes obstruction in the vaginal opening.  The surgery involves either completely removing the hymen or increasing the hymen opening in the process, most often due to a malformation of the hymen.

A hymenectomy is typically performed on patients with a hymen that is so thick that penetration, even with something as small as a tampon, is extremely painful and nearly impossible.

How much does a hymenectomy cost?

Noted as a minor surgery, the cost of a hymenectomy is typically around $1,000 to as much as $10,000 without insurance.  If done in an outpatient center, the costs will be a lot less compared to being done in a hospital.  The costs will depend on the surgeon fees, anesthesiologist fees, the facility, your geographical location and any pre-op/post-op testing/office visits.

As long as it the procedure is deemed medically necessary, then you should be responsible for your deductible and co-pays with your health insurance.  Talk with your health insurance company to see what you would be responsible for before the procedure starts to know the policy limitations and which facility is under your insurance company’s network.

Hymenectomy overview

A hymenectomy procedure is done under a local anesthetic, either via a pill or via an injection.  If the procedure is for an imperforate hymen, then the hymen will be opened near the center with scissors to cut away at the tissue.  The area will then be sutured with absorbable sutures to help prevent bleeding.  As for a circular hymen, the hymen is cut away and sutured as well.

The procedure can take 20 minutes to an hour, depending on the surgeon and the severity of the condition, and the recovery period can last anywhere from one to two weeks.  You may be asked to stay up to one to two hours after the procedure in a recovery room.

Follow-up appointments with your gynecologist are necessary since the area needs to be monitored to ensure if it is recovering as according to plan.  Complete healing usually occurs after six months, on average.

What are the extra costs?

Prior to the surgery, tests may be performed to determine your overall health and confirm the diagnosis.  The tests may include a Pap smear and/or a pelvic exam, x-rays and/or blood work.

Prescription medication for pain and to help prevent an infection will be prescribed after the surgery.  Estrogen cream is typically used to help aid in the recovery process.

Tips to know:

Before the procedure, let your doctor know of any allergies, particularly to medications, including over-the-counter, prescription, steroids, creams, eye drops, and herbs.  Patients are usually advised to avoid taking aspirin and other blood thinners a week prior to the surgery.  Additionally, eating or drinking anything eight hours before the procedure is not advised.  Always talk to your doctor about instructions before the day of surgery.

A hymenectomy, as long as it’s successful, will ease the pain that can be felt during sexual intercourse or with any sort of penetration in general.  Also, the number of urinary tract infections can greatly decrease or even be eliminated.

How can I save money?

If at all possible, have the procedure done by a professional in an ambulatory outpatient surgery facility.  The costs are usually lower in these environments than in hospitals since there is no need to pay for hospital equipment and accommodation.

If you have insurance, some or all of the cost will most likely be covered by your insurance provider as long as the procedure is deemed medically necessary.  Be sure to talk with your provider before scheduling a surgery to make sure the center and your doctor are in network. If you want to switch your policy or see what is out there, consider browsing hundreds of policies for free at

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