How Much Does Ideal Protein Cost?

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Last Updated:  August 9, 2018

Ideal Protein has authorized clinic and center locations spread across the United States and even around the world.

Developed by Dr. Tran Tien Chanh, who determined the standard North American diet causes the pancreas to overproduce insulin, more than 20 years ago, this medically developed four phased diet program focuses on weight loss and a healthier lifestyle by eliminating sugar to teach the body to use fat, protein and glycogen reserves for energy.

Using pre-packaged meals, you will be asked to follow a prescribed weight loss program based on your initial consultation.

How much does Ideal Protein cost?

The cost of Ideal Protein is broken down into four phases, each with its own corresponding prices. To break it down, we created a table to help you better understand how the plan works:

PhaseDescriptionAverage Price
OneThis is the costliest phase where you get to lose all of your weight. During this phase, it will include your initial consultation, a full body composition analysis and full body measurements. It will also include 25 Ideal Protein meals and accessories.- $399~ fee to get started with the program with all of the inclusions noted in description
TwoThis phase lasts only two weeks. During this time, you will eat two packets of the food daily.- $80 per week, up to two weeks total
ThreeThis phase, like phase two, will also last two weeks. During this time, you will slowly phase over the diet protocol and your packets will be reduced to one per day instead of two.- $40 per week, up to two weeks total
FourThis phase shows you how to adjust to the carbs with lean proteins and fats in each of your daily meals to ensure you don't get back to your prior weight.- Costs based on your eating habits

The grand total, when all of the phases are added up in the table, will equate to about $700 for the first 10 weeks of the program or close to $70 per week.  This price, however, can vary, depending on the demands of the individual.

On this forum thread at, one member shared her costs at her local center:  $4 per meal packet, $25 for 60 multi-vita supplements, $20 for 120 cal-mag supplements, $18 for the potassium and calcium and another $8 for the shaker.  Her initial visit cost a total of $312.94, which included the coach visit, weight, measurements, all the literature, a cookbook, 11 days of food, a bottle of each supplement needed and the protein shaker.  After this visit, she was told to budget for $84 per week for the food, but the weekly costs, as described in our table above, would go down.

On another forum thread at, someone said they had paid $400 for their first visit and planned to budget another $100 per week for the food.

Ideal Protein overview

During your first visit, you will first visit an authorized center where a weight loss coach will determine the right amount of weight you need to lose and educate you about the program.  Depending on the clinic you go to, some will ask you to fill out a journal so they can track your progress.

Then, after the consultation, you will take home enough pre-packaged meals to complete your first phase.  These packets, according to Women’s Health Magazine, will contain fewer than 1,000 calories.

Aside from the meals, you will also be asked to take calcium, magnesium, potassium and multivitamin supplements.  When you reach your weight loss goal, you will then go onto the next phases within the program, which will help keep the pounds off in the future.

What are the extra costs?

Additional food packets, when needed, can cost $4 to $5 each.  Meal replacements will include bars, shakes, drinks, desserts and full meals ranging from a Risotto to a Chicken à la King Flavored Pottage Mix.  These meals will be eaten with two cups of your favorite vegetables.

Tips to Know

To find a local authorized clinic, refer to this official search engine. offers 152 reviews on the diet, with 71 percent, who tried it, saying they liked it.

How can I save money?

Check out eBay as you can often buy packets from those who simply quit the program, don’t need it anymore and/or bought too many packets.  This is a great way to save more than 50 percent on the same packets you would buy at a local clinic.

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