How Much Does an Idle Hour Country Club Membership Cost?

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The Idle Hour Country Club, a private country club located in Lexington, Kentucky, is considered to be one of the most famous and most exclusive clubs in all of Kentucky.

How much does the Idle Hour Country Club cost?

The official website of the club only allows access to its members, but from third-party sources, we were able to figure out what the initiation fees and monthly dues may cost.  According to this Lexington Herald Leader article, it was said the initiation fees are $55,000 and the monthly dues were close to $500 a month.  These fees, of course, cannot be confirmed by the club as they are very restrictive as to who they give information to, so it’s best to either contact the membership department directly or talk with a current member, if you can find one, to know the exact costs.

According to one member on this forum thread, he said one of his friends said they will send one bill a year for whatever it costs to run the club.  Those who are looking to join, as per his friend, will encounter a very long waiting list.

Idle Hour Country Club overview

The golf course, designed by Donald Ross, opened in 1924.  At just under 6,700 yards from the “Back” tees, players play to a 71 course rating and 132 slope rating.  For a personal experience of the course, with pictures, we highly recommend checking out this blog post.

Aside from the golf course, states a driving range, pitching/chipping area, putting green and teaching pros are available.

The Washington Post claims the course offers clay tennis courts and Southern cuisine within its dining options.

Tips to know:

Golf Magazine, as part of its 50 of its The Hardest ‘Get’ in All 50 States article, claimed this was the hardest golf course to get a tee time in all of Kentucky.

Until 2010, the club did not have any African American members.  This all changed at this time when NBA star, Sam Bowie, was accepted as the club’s first African American member.  Before this, Idle Hour was under investigation by the state’s Human Rights Commission, but the commission dropped this claim because they could not find a plaintiff who was willing to assert their membership was declined base on their race.

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