How Much Does a Ikoyi Club 1938 Membership Cost?

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The Ikoyi Club is the result of the European Club and The Lagos Golf Club merging on September 29, 1938.

The club is found in Ikoyi, an affluent island suburb that surrounds half of the eastern part of Lagos Island in Nigeria and lies at the border of the Lagos Lagoon.

The club includes a diverse and select membership ranging from diplomatic corps to top business executives, from politicians and top military brass to professionals.

How much does the Ikoyi Club 1938 cost?

On average, the initiation fees are about $1,900, and the annual fees, from what we researched from fees found online, are about $700 to $1,350.  However, this fee can be higher or lower if family members are added or more activities are added to the membership.

To get into the club, however, prospective members have to be introduced by an existing member of the club who has been active for at least two years.  According to the official homepage, there are six steps you will need to follow in order to be accepted.

According to one member on this forum thread, he stated the annual fees are about $1,350.

The membership options

Ordinary – Designed for any individual is older than 25 and meets the club’s criteria for joining.  Once confirmed, this member has a say on the management side of the club.

Spouse – A membership option for any spouse older than 21 years old of a current Ordinary member.  This option is automatic at the time of induction, but a spouse member has no say in management operations.

Junior – An option for children who are 12 to 25 years old, but those between 25 and 30 may qualify, but these members will pay 50 percent less on the fees, provided the member meets criteria.

LIfe – Designed for any Ordinary member who is older than 65 years old and has been part of the club for more than 25 years in good standing.  This upgrade allows a member to use the club without paying any subscription or section fees.

Honorary – Conferred to members who have excelled in various endeavors and have contributed to the club.

Ikoyi Club 1938 overview

The club offers a large banquet hall that can accommodate up to 220 guests for events and receptions. The club also offers a fully air-conditioned bar, lounge and restaurants that serve snacks and international cuisine.  The main clubhouse and library serves African dishes, cold beers and suya.  On Friday nights, bands can be found playing local music.

The club’s golf amenities include an 18-hole golf course, with fairways, sand bunkers and sand traps surrounded by water and larger trees. The golf course is considered as the busiest golf course in Africa.  This talks about the golf course in depth.

The club also includes a tennis complex with nine hard courts following international standards.

Also on the campus, there is a new squash complex, badminton courts, weights room, a sauna room and massage options for members.

Swimming facilities include the swimming pool for adults, a baby pool and a fountain pool complimented with adjustable lounge beds and showers near the pool sides.

What are the extra costs?

Members are only allowed to bring one guest at a time on the golf course, and guest fees will apply.

Tips to know:

The club is sprawled out on more than 455 acres of land.

The club is opened 24 hours a day; however, children are asked to leave by three in the afternoon.

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