Mercedes Benz Illuminated Star Cost

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Last Updated:  August 14, 2018

The illuminated star, considered as a brilliant accessory for your Mercedes-Benz, offers a unique, personal touch.

Using LED and light-conductor technology, the star will illuminate in the front grille, creating a subtle, yet eye-catching look.

Mercedes Benz Illuminated Star Cost
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What does the Mercedes Benz illuminated star cost?

The costs of a genuine Mercedes Benz illuminated star will really depend on the dealership/retailer you purchase from and if you need it installed.  For just the part, plan on spending $350 to $425.

If you need it installed, then the costs, according to our calls to a local dealership, will be close to $600 to $1,100 for the labor and the illuminating star.  This will all depend on your local dealership as they will all vary in pricing.

We found one member on this forum thread that said he was quoted $1,140 for labor and parts at his local dealership.  On that same thread, another member replied and stated it was a rip off price as he paid a total of $480 for the star and another $130 for the labor, but after all of the coupons he was able to apply, his grand total was $461 plus tax.

On, for example, a genuine CLA Class illuminated star, a star which only fits the CLA class, retails for about $375, excluding professional installation.

If you want to purchase directly from Mercedes at a local dealership, then you should be prepared to spend about $700 for just the part.

Car and Driver noted the star will set buyers back $480 before installation before a dealer, while post-install units can cost $550 but will carry no additional install fees.

Tips to know

All illuminated stars are not created equal, even if you’re purchasing a genuine part.  Before making a purchase, make sure the star will fit as all parts will have different dimensions.  Any reputable seller will be able to tell you if the part fits by simply providing them with your VIN.  The front-lit star, as of today, is only compatible with the C-, E-, GL-, GLK-, M- and CLS- class.

Mercedes dealerships state the entire install can take up to two hours to install.

The star doesn’t illuminate every time the car runs.  It will only light up when the car unlocks or when a door is opened.  Once the car starts, it will immediately turn off.

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