Indian Echo Caverns Cost

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In the early 1900s, five boys entered a cave near Hummelstown, a small village in Pennsylvania, along the Swatara Creek in the Dutch Country of Pennsylvania and discovered what is now known as the Indian Echo Caverns.

Like most cavern entrances, according to, it doesn’t appear to be interesting or beautiful, but as you continue through the tour, the real beauty starts to become obvious.

A natural underground attraction, visitors are able to see nature’s underground beauty, from various formations to the occasional bat.

Indian Echo Caverns Cost
Indian echo caverns” (CC BY 2.0) by Maguis & David

How much does it cost to get into Indian Echo Caverns?

The costs to enter the Indian Echo Caverns, as the official website at the time of this publishing, was $18.50 for adults, $17 seniors 62 and older, $12 for children 2-11, and children younger than 2 are free.  There is no charge for parking as per the official FAQ page.

Discounts and coupones are readily available, depending on the time of year, such as AAA discounts, Groupon deals and group/education deals.

What’s included in the fee?

With admission, they will assign you with a group number and when you hear your number, your tour will start.  Everyone will be assigned a tour guide and cannot explore the caverns alone.  Each tour, according to the website, is 45 minutes in length and is conducted via a professionally trained interpretive guide who will explain the history, geology and showcase the formations of the cavern.  All tours will start in the gift shop.


Tips to know

From time to time, the caverns does perform weddings at the wedding chapel, a narrow room inside of the North Passage of the cave.

In addition to the cavern tours, the property also has a playground, a smaller gem mining area for children and a petting zoo.

Due to the number of stairs, the caverns are not wheelchair accessible.

As per the FAQ, the temperature inside is 52 degrees.

One reviewer on this thread recommended sweatshirts and good walking shoes.

Kenin Bassart via uploaded multiple pictures of his visit.

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