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Indow window inserts, according to the company, are said to be the best way to insulate your windows, improving the quality of your life and are designed in a way to help reduce nearby noise, block drafts and help you save on your utility bills.

Manufacturing more than 60,000 of them since starting the business, the company, based in Portland, Oregon is proud of their product and price.

How much do Indow windows cost?

Via the official website, the company does note a price range, stating the prices can start at $288 for a 3’x4′ window or about $24 a square foot.  While this is only an estimate, the pricing page goes onto say that you will want to fill out the free estimate form located on the website to get you in touch with a local Indow window dealer.  Even if a dealer isn’t nearby, the company can still work you as you can buy directly from the factory via one of the specialists over the phone.  Bob Vila says the company has 31 dealers in 19 states.

While that was the only pricing we could find on the official website, we did find multiple customers who did post their prices online.  In the end, the price of the Indow window inserts will greatly depend on the grade you wanted to purchase, the dimensions of your windows and the shipping as it does vary on the location.  Most people, from what we did see, paid an average of $20 to $37 per square foot for just the window.

Someone who claimed to work for the company responded on a forum thread, claiming the standard grade starts at $20 a square foot, whereas the acoustic grade starts at $30 a square foot, but as for the shipping, she did note the shipping will vary by location, but the local dealers you work with would be able to take the width and height dimensions to determine your costs.

One commenter on this post stated he was quoted $5,000 for eight windows for his 1920s bungalow, a price that did include shipping, while another on the same thread noted he was quoted $780 for a 33 x 96 window and $550 for a 36 x 60.

Nicole Balch on, via her Indow window review, did a good job talking about her install job and how the whole process worked in pictures.  At the end of the post, she noted she paid $262 per window insert, excluding the shipping, measurement and installation fees.

Indow windows overview

The inserts are made from an acrylic glazing and edge with the company’s patented compression tube that’s designed to compress when pressed inside of your window, allowing it to hold the insert in place, all while keeping out the cold drafts, hot air and any noise outside.  This tight seal, in turn, can help deliver a superior performance and ease of use, making it a great way to insulate your windows.  As noted below, the company does offer a variety of grades, each with its own perks.

All windows will be custom fitted to your window’s exact measurements straight from the factory and to install, the products are pressed into place on the inside of the window frame to create a tight seal, without the need for any adhesives, nails or screws.  These inserts will be used in conjunction with the windows already installed inside of the home.

During the measurement at your home, a dealer will use a laser-measuring process to make sure the product fits evenly within the window.

According to the company’s statistics and studies, Indow windows energy use was reduced by more than 20 percent, there was up to a 50 to 70 percent decrease in noise penetrating qualities, and the R-Value, which measures the thermal resistance of the material and effectiveness at keeping the outside out and the inside in, was rated an R-1.87, a rating that’s almost as good as a double-pane window.

Indow window grades

The company offers the following grade options:  standard, acoustic, museum, privacy, commercial and sleep panel grades.

Acoustic:  The acoustic inserts will use a slightly thicker panel than the standard grade and is primarily designed for those who want to reduce as much exterior noise as possible.

Blackout:  The blackout inserts were designed for those who wanted to block out the noise and any light trying to make its way in.

Commerical:  The commercial inserts, the strongest window grades in the line, have an extra coating over the acrylic, protecting it from scratches and abrasions.

Museum:  The museum inserts will filter up to 98 percent of the UV rays, making it ideal for those who want to protect valuables on the inside since the sunlight, if not protected by the windows, can cause valuables to fade over time.

Privacy:  The privacy windows, created from a translucent white acrylic, offers just that — privacy by allowing light in, but no prying eyes.

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