How Much Does an Industrial Piercing Cost?

An industrial piercing, also referred to as a scaffold piercing, involves two piercings, which are connected via a barbell and can be located anywhere on the body; however, it typically refers to the two piercings along the cartilage of the upper ear rim.  The most common piercing will often compromise of a helix and anti-helix piercing.

Due to the unusual and unique look, it’s a perfect choice for those who want to show off something a bit different and has gained a lot of popularity since the early 1990s.

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How much does an industrial piercing cost?

LocationPrice Quoted
Atlanta, GA$80 for piercing and jewelry upgrade
Austin, TX$29 for piercing + $35 jewelry upgrade
Berkeley, CA$75 for the piercing, upgraded jewelry and aftercare spray
Brooklyn, NY$35 for piercing and
another $35 for barbell upgrade
Los Angeles, CA$50 after using Yelp discount (basic jewelry)
San Diego, CA$25 + $45 jewelry upgrade
San Francisco, CA$75 (included tip and jewelry)

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