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INSTAsmile INSTAsmile, according to the company, is a revolutionary, non-intrusive, yet cost-effective range of clip-on veneers.

Designed to cover chipped, discolored or even crooked teeth, it is said to be more modern and a lot more comfortable when compared to partial dentures.

How much does INSTAsmile cost?

According to the official website, at the time of this publishing, a classic top or bottom retails for $349, while the top and bottom retail for $499 for its classic version.  An optional warranty, which protects you for another 12 months can be added for another $100.

As for the platinum product, the top or bottom arch retails for $699, whereas the top and bottom retail for $999, and for the platinum product, the extended warranty is included.

The difference between the platinum and classic product is that the classic is recommended for occasional wear while the platinum product is designed for those who plan on wearing it all day.  The platinum product, in comparison to the classic, offers enhanced durability, enhanced aesthetics, an included extended warranty, smile consultant, express service, innovative technology, an impression appointment and precision engineering.

What is INSTAsmile?

INSTAsmile is a patent-pending technology clip-on veneer which clips onto your existing teeth  It does not require any dental adhesives and is able to cover any discoloration, staining or gaps you may be conscious of; however, it is not designed to fix any underlying issues due to your cosmetic problem.

To use, they will send you a self-impression kit that you will use in the comfort of your own home, not the local dentist office.  Once you make the impressions by following their instructions, you will send it back to their labs, and with it, they will create your INSTAsmile clip-on veneers.  According to the company, it’s affordable, convenient, doesn’t require a lengthy appointment at the dentist and the entire process is quick.  The company uses its own in-house dental technicians using certified and safe dental materials.

The process

Once you make the order on your website, the company will ship you an impression kit, which is a kit designed for you to take an impression of your teeth in the comfort of your own home in order to create your veneers.  Be sure to read the directions carefully to ensure you’re making an accurate impression for the lab and to avoid mistakes. If, by chance, you do not use the impression kit correctly, you will need to purchase another kit for about $35.

Once the impression is made, you will be asked to let it dry before mailing it out, a process which can take 24+ hours.  You will also be asked to fill out details in regards to your personal information for their system and choose a shade that’s right for you.

After it’s shipped and the company receives your information their trained technicians will then create your impressions as long as the mold was used properly.  Once passed and confirmed, the veneers are manufactured and sent back to you within 21 days.  The entire process, from start to finish, will take less than 30 days as per the terms.


Never force the INSTAsmile product as you will want to establish a correct path while inserting to your natural teeth.  Place over your teeth, and apply pressure, at the back, until you feel it clip into place.  When removing, always use both of your hands, starting at the two front teeth, and gently “tease” the product side to side until it unclips.  The company states you should never twist of flex the product to avoid damage.

When cleaning, always use lukewarm, soapy water, and if any debris is noticeable, use a soft toothbrush to lightly remove the debris; HOWEVER, never use the toothbrush on the outside of the product.  The company highly recommends you use an approved anti-bacterial cleaning tablet.

Tips to know

What’s the difference between permanent veneers and INSTAsmile?  Well, according to the website, INSTAsmile should be considered as an alternative, and unlike veneers, these clip-on veneers are removable, thanks to its patent-pending technology.  Clipping over your natural, existing teeth, there’s no need for surgery like veneers and it’s 100 percent pain-free.

As long as you take care of them by following the directions and your natural teeth do not change, then the veneers should last as long as possible.

The company offers an optional “no quibble” 12-month warranty that guarantees to remake your product if an accident were to happen.  For all purchases, a 30-day manufacturing warranty is included but it will not cover misuse, changes to your dental profile, shade changes, accidental damage, unauthorized repairs, expectation issues and/or general wear or tear.  To view more in-depth about their warranty, you can do so here.

Good candidates will have either chipped, crooked, missed, discolored and/or overcrowding teeth.

Instasmile reviews

Via the official BBB page, the company has a B- rating, with a total of 62 reviews — 53 positive and 8 negatives.  The positive reviews noted they loved their new look and teeth, with many complimenting their new look, while some of the negative reviews we looked at complained about the process, customer support and the total price. had a total of 53 reviews, with an average of 2.8 out of 5 stars.  The customers, according to the site, didn’t like the refund policy and customer service, while the positive reviewers did like the quality and overall look.

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