How Much Does an Iron Curtain Water Filter Cost?

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The Iron Curtain Water Filter, manufactured by Hellenbrand, is a single water treatment system that helps address a number of water problems such as iron stains, iron-tasting water or a rotten egg odor. Moreover, the system also helps extend the life of your water and heater appliances.

How much does an iron curtain water filter cost?

The cost of your Iron Curtain Water Filter System will greatly depend on which dealer you’re using, the exact model, if any special add-ons are needed, the size and type of filter you need.  On average, from our research, people who have had this type of system installed paid anywhere from $1,200 to $2,800.

According to one forum member on a forum thread, he was quoted $1,500 to $1,900, or $35 per month on an interest-free payment plan.

The iron reduction systems offered

ProMate 6 Storm

ProMate 6 Iron Curtain (IC) 2.0

ProMate 6 Iron Curtain Junior

Commercial H-125/H-151 Iron Curtain Designs

Iron curtain water filter overview

The Iron Curtain Water Filter system comes in four sizes: single, twin, triplex and quad, and the system will use two tanks: an air tank used for oxidization, and a removal tank containing special minerals to help remove iron, rust, odor and smell. Basically, the two tanks are designed to filter and treat your water without the use of harsh chemicals.

The removal tank is layered with minerals according to sizes. Larger minerals are placed on top while smaller minerals are placed towards the bottom, allowing all of the bed to be used as a filter, preventing premature fouling.

Tips to know

Before you make the purchase, always have your water tested first. Some companies offer no obligation water analysis wherein someone will come to your home or commercial establishment to test your water and determine the best system that you need. You can also get a free quote at this point.  After the initial test and upon deciding to proceed with the purchase, one of the company experts will install the system in your house or establishment.

These filters require no chemicals, salt, air injectors, micronizers or venturis.

The Hellenbrand website has a dealer locator on their site. You can use this to find a dealer nearest you.

You may hear a flushing noise in the middle of the night. This happens periodically when the Iron Curtain backwashes the filter tank to drain or discharge trapped impurities while bleeding off the used air and re-introducing oxygen-rich air back to the tank.

You will know it’s time to get a filter like this if the water is staining toilets or washing machines, leaving behind a red rust-like color.

How can I save money?

If you think you’ll only be needing the Iron Curtain Water Filter system for a few months only, then you can rent out one instead of buying a whole new system.  Rental rates usually start at $30 per month.

Consider a payment plan offered directly by the company as they do offer interest-free payment plans occasionally.

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