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ISNetworld, an online contractor management database, helps contractors and supplier customers streamline their reporting, enhance safety and increase their visibility to potential customers.

Designed to meet both governmental and internal record keeping and compliance records, ISNetworld collects regulatory, quality, procurement, safety and health information.  With this, experts then review, verify and then connect Hiring Clients with safe and reliable contractors and suppliers inside of their database from around the world.

How much does an ISNetworld subscription cost?

The costs of an ISNetworld subscription, from what we researched on the official website, would depend on the country you’re working in and the number of employees you currently have.  As an all-inclusive fee, the company notes you will have to pay an annual fee and one-time account set-up fee.

Playing around with the calculator on the official website, we included the price range in the table below for United States customers.  Keep in mind, however, that these prices are only accurate at the time of this publishing in 2018 and are subject to change at any time.  We highly recommend you check the official website for up-to-date information.

Number of EmployeesSet-up Fee (one time)Annual Price Quoted

Reading the fine print, it does note that all pricing will exclude additional taxes and if any information needs to be reported from more than one country, then additional subscriptions could be required, effectively increasing the quotes mentioned above.  Also, if you’re out of the United States, your fees may vary.

How ISNetworld works

According to the company, ISNetworld first collects and maintains any self-reported information, such as safety programs, incident rates and/or insurance documents, to name a few, and from there, the company will verify any of this information against regulatory and Hiring Client requirements.  ISNetworld will then help connect any safe, qualified contractors and suppliers with Hiring Clients from around the world, creating partnerships to create safer job sites.

Contractors, effectively, through this service, will use their profiles on ISNetworld to help market their service to new Hiring Clients.  Today, the company claims company profiles are searchable by more than 540 ISN Hiring Clients, which include information such as office locations, logos, awards, brochures, promotional materials and work types.

Once you do purchase a subscription, notes you will then need to upload any documentation, such as safety programs and insurance certificates, to activate the account.

Tips to know

Even if you’re subscribed to the service, states that you will not be guaranteed to have access to the facilities of the clients you want to work for.  Essentially, you need to picture it as a large database where you’re able to upload your safety statistics and any documentation.  Once complete, then you will be graded in a structure following the pattern of either an A, B, C or F.  If, for example, your company receives an A or B, then you will have unrestricted work access; however, if your grade is a C, then you may need approval from a site manager before you’re able to access a facility.  If your company receives the worst grade, an F, then your company will need the approval of a higher-up at the company, such as the vice president or president, to gain access to the facilities.

If you’re unable to provide an insurance certificate that passes ISNetworld review, then it’s said it is extremely hard to receive a grade better than an F.  The same can be said about federal citation as companies that received one in the last three years may receive a bad grade as well.

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