How Much Does a Jewelry Appraisal Cost?

During a jewelry appraisal, a professional appraiser will be able to inspect your jewelry and give you an idea of what it is worth for a replacement, and this process is often done for insurance purposes since most insurance companies will require you have the value in writing.  It can also be done for reselling or tax purposes.  Unless you want to know what your jewelry is worth, most of the time, this appraisal won’t be necessary.

An appraiser can appraise items such as diamonds, gemstones, pearls, metals, watches, and just about any other piece of jewelry that can be found in a store.  The cost of an appraisal is going to vary depending on what jewelry is appraised, the reputation of the appraiser and geographical location.

Kate’s Engagement Ring by wwarby, on Flickr
Kate’s Engagement Ring” (CC BY 2.0) by wwarby

How much does a jewelry appraisal cost?

Type of JewelryAverage Price
Diamonds (0.01 to 1 carat)$50 to $100
Diamonds (1 to 2 carats)$100 to $175
Diamonds (2 to 3 carats)$175 to $300
Diamonds (3 to 4 carats)$250 to $400
Diamonds (4 to 5 carats)$350 to $550
Diamonds (5 carats+)$550+
Identifying a Gemstone$50 to $75
Pearls$50 to $100
Precious Metals$50 to $125
Watches$50 to $100; however, if the watch has diamonds, refer to costs above

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