Jiffy Lube Brake Pad Replacement Cost

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Last Updated:  August 13, 2018

Even though Jiffy Lube is known for its oil changes, the company also employs highly trained ASE certified technicians who are able to replace brake pads for all vehicle makes and models.

Jiffy Lube Brake Pad Replacement Cost
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The reported Jiffy Lube brake pad replacement costs

The costs to have your brake pads replaced at Jiffy Lube will greatly depend on your locality, the car you’re driving, which brake pad package you choose, the additional repairs and if a promotion is being held.

For just the brake pad replacement, the costs of a basic package can average about $225 per axle, including the labor, but a “signature” brake package can cost more than $299 per axle.

According to one member on this SubaruOutback.org forum thread, he was quoted $277 for a ceramic pad upgrade, the rotors and front brake service at his local Jiffy Lube.  This was a quote for the front brake pads only.

One Jiffy Lube location based in Indiana posted its prices online, with the basic brake package starting at $229 per axle.

Prices reported online...
$412.33 minus a $30 inspection -- included the pads, shoes and rotors
$625 for pads, rotors and drums
$491 for pads, wipers and premium oil change
$220 for front pads only

The extra costs to consider

In addition to replacing the brake pads, the technician may found other problems which need to be addressed such as replacing the rotors and/or calipers.  If this were the case, the rotors, which are the smooth discs that connect to the car wheels, can wear out over time as the brake pads come in contact with this part every time you press the brake pedal.  Replacing the rotors, depending on the vehicle, can cost upwards of $450+.

New brake calipers, which are designed to last about 100,000 miles will use friction to help slow down the rotors as your vehicle is coming to a stop, may need to be replaced if some symptoms are present such as the car pulling to one side while driving and/or a grinding sound can be heard while driving.  New rear discs and calipers, depending on the vehicle, can cost anywhere from $50 to more than $450+.   Unlike the pads, they do not need to be replaced in pairs as they can be repaired as they wear away.

What is included in the quote?

Before the repair, a technician will first perform a thorough inspection of the brake linings and other related brake key components, and with his or her findings, they will write an evaluation, outlining repair recommendations based on the manufacturer’s specifications and the condition of the current brake components.  This inspection, at most locations from what we researched, will be free.

Most locations will offer two options:  either a basic package, which will include the brake pads and rotors, while the signature package, will include more than just the brake pads; it will also include a brake fluid exchange and a cleaning.

According to the official website, Jiffy Lube will include a Nationwide Limited Warranty, which starts on the day of the replacement and will last 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first.

In some cases, aside from replacing the brake pads, some locations will rotate your tires for free as well.

How to save money

Look for coupons if you do decide to use Jiffy Lube as they do post coupons occasionally.  For example, at the time of this publishing, we were able to find a $25 off brakes and rotors package at a local California Jiffy Lube.

Always compare the prices of brake pads at a local mechanic and dealership before choosing Jiffy Lube since you may find some of these locations can often be cheaper than expected.  Seeing a brake pad replacement job is pretty straightforward, most professionals will be able to offer you a quote over the phone.

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