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Founded by John Casablancas, an American modeling agent and scout who founded Elite Model Management, started the John Casablancas Centers as a way to help new talent pursue careers in the modeling and acting industries, helping them have the chance at the highest paying jobs in the acting/modeling industry.

Each modeling school, as per the company’s website, has to meet strict guidelines and standards in conjunction with the knowledge gained from past experience of finding and developing talent, and to date, has physical locations in more than 35 states in popular cities such as Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Denver, Houston and Dallas.

John Casablancas Cost
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How much does the John Casablancas modeling agency cost?

The official website of the John Casablancas modeling agency doesn’t discuss the costs; rather, they ask perspective models and actors to contact them directly for more information in regards to the program and the price you may have to pay.

While the official company’s website did not post the prices, we did find countless people who shared the prices they paid, which, to make it easier to browse, we included in the table below:

What they paid...SOURCE
$2,500Consumer Affairs
$2,000Consumer Affairs
asked for $4,000 up frontConsumer Affairs
$2,000Yelp review for Scottsdale, AZ location
$2,500, meeting once a week for about 30-40 weeks in totalYelp review for Scottsdale, AZ location
$3,000Yelp review for San Jose, CA location
$3,500Yelp review for San Jose, CA location
$1,880 for 13-week training courseYelp review for San Diego, CA location

Do note that many were offered payment plans if they said they couldn’t afford the costs up front, while others noted they dropped the costs of the program if they continued to reject the contract.  Your results will vary.  Use these estimates for educational purposes only as they cannot be deemed accurate.  For accurate information, if interested, we ecnourage you to contact the agency directly for more information.

How the John Casablancas modeling agency works

From the third-party reviews we read, it usually starts with a “free” interview, where you will meet with a group of people to discuss your future and what you’re looking to get out of the agency.  At this time, the director of the agency will select a few people in the crowd and take them back into a room, where he or she will ask you to come back the next day or sometime in the next few days for another interview as they see you as a great candidate for the agency.

If you’re chosen, and you decide to show up on the next day, this is when the agency appears to upsell their classes, discuss the prices and what the agency can do for you after they watch you read a script or model, usually offering you a letter grade on the time inside the room.  During this time, again, from third-party reviews, it seems this is where they will boast about your appearance and how well you will do in the industry.  As seen in the table above, once they begin to talk about the price of the program, the costs of the program seem to be in the $2,000 and $3,500 range and will include about 13 to 40 weeks of classes, usually once a week, teaching you the fundamentals of runway modeling, building your self confidence and learning how to take photoshoots, to name a few.

To read more in detail as to how the process works, we encourage you to read the countless letters on

John Casablancas reviews

On almost all of the Yelp reviews, with the exception of the San Jose location, had a poor review, often less than 1.5 stars.  Most of the complaints, from what we gathered, talked about constant emails/text messages, the unprofessional staff, pushy sales staff, only out to get your money and the false promises of jobs in the area.

Via Consumer Affairs, close to 150 reviewers left an average of a 1.9 out of five stars, noting the same concerns as the Yelp reviews.

Tips to know

In most states, the agency is registered and certified with the State Board of Education, making it an officially recognized as a provider of education.

While many people call this agency a “scam,” this for you to judge.  For more information, we highly encourage you to read the FTC’s view on modeling scams and how to avoid them.

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