How Much Does a John Deere Combine Cost?

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How much does a John Deere combine cost?

The price of a brand new John Deere combine will greatly depend on the series, options added and dealer you choose.  Similar to that of a car, the costs can greatly vary, but to make budgeting easier, refer to our table below to see what the popular models “start” at.  Do keep in mind these are the starting prices and often include the basic value packages.

ModelsHPEngineGrain Tank SizeTotal Cleaning AreaList Price (starts at...)
S760 Combine333John Deere 6 cyl. 9.0L300 bu7905 sq. in.$408,491
S770 Combine391John Deere 6 cyl. 9.0L300 bu7905 sq. in.$451,413
S780 Combine473John Deere 6 cyl. 13.5L400 bu9145 sq. in.$489,437
S790 Combine543John Deere 6 cyl. 13.5L400 bu9145 sq. in.$512,361
S670 Combine391John Deere 6 cyl. 9.0L300 bu7905 sq. in.$406,759

This article says you should be prepared to spend $330,000 to $500,000 if you plan on purchasing brand new.  Most John Deere combines, as mentioned, are priced from $380,000 to $480,000, according to a dealer they had talked to.  With add-on features, it’s not hard to reach the $600,000 price tag, either.

John Deere combine overview

The 2018 models offered by John Deere often offer guidance systems that can help farmers steer through the field.  They are also monitored that can tell a farmer how much moisture is in the crops and even the yield figures for that particular portion of the field.  Newer models, depending on the add-ons, can be equipped with brighter LED lights, built-in refrigerators, laptop computers, Sirius XM radio, heated leather seats and quieter cabs.

What are the extra costs?

As with customizing a car, many upgrades can greatly increase the costs.  Again, to make budgeting easier, here are some upgrades we were quoted for:

Premium Leather Seat with Swivel+ $2,132
LED Lighting Package & Header Extremity Lights+ $3,615
Generation 4 CommandCenter 10 in. Color Display with Extended Monitor+ $1,500
StarFire 6000 Receiver+$3,895 for SF1
+$7,895 for SF3
+$8,945 for SF3 Ready with 1 year SF3 Subscription
+$11,395 for SF3 Ready and RTK Ready
CommandCenter AutoTrac Activation- +$1,000 for AutoTrac Activation
- +$3,500 for Premium Activation
JDLink Connect+ $1,600 for 5 year subscription
+ $5,299 for 5 year subscription and machine communication radio
ActiveYield PLUS Moisture and Yield Sensors+ $2,079
Extended Wear Grain Handling System+ $4,269
Rust Protection for Transit+ $302
Unloading Auger+ $523 to $5,963
Deluxe Residue - In-cab operator controlled PowerCast Powered Tailboard with wind compensation+ $7,113
ProDrive Transmission with Harvest Smart Feedrate Control+ $13,130
Powered Rear Axle, 2-Speed 4-Wheel Drive+ $24,181
Steering Wheel Upgrade+ $554 to $5,400
Wheels, Tires and Tracks Upgrade+ $3,200 to $25,018

NOTE:  These are all just sample prices we acquired when playing around with the official John Deere configure tool.  This is a great tool that allows you to build a combine and get an idea of what it may cost to buy new.

Aside from the optional add-ons, this still won’t include the attachments, such as the corn header and/or soybean handler.  Each of these attachments, again, depending on a variety of factors, can cost another $50,000 to $100,000 each.

How can I save money?

Buying used, as with any farming equipment, can save you thousands.  Depending on the number of hours on the combine, older models, even one to two years old, can cost up to $50,000 less with fewer than 1,000 hours on the engine.  If you were to buy a six to seven-year-old combine with more than 2,000 miles, then the costs could be up to $200,000+ less., for example, offers a variety of combine listings to browse through to show you what it may cost to buy used in your area.

There are often promotional discounts and trade-in incentives for those who already own farming equipment.  Much like purchasing a car, be sure to talk with a few dealers to see what kind of discount you can take advantage of.

If financing, be sure to check with a local credit union, online loan options and even John Deere to see which company offers the best rate.

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