How Much Does the John Maxwell Certification Program Cost?

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Last Updated:  August 10, 2018

John Maxwell has developed a certification program for candidates who want to learn what it takes in order to become a top leader.

The advanced leadership program helps the average candidate create more income, gain power, generate more customers, getting the door open for an opportunity, gaining recognition and receiving personal freedom.

As the numerous testimonials have shown, earning a John Maxwell Certification has not only boost careers but also greatly improved relationships between leaders.

How much does the John Maxwell certification program cost?

The costs of the John Maxwell Team certification program, as per this official PDF, is $4,997.  This fee, considered an investment for John Maxwell team members, will include all of the following inclusions noted below.

What is going to be included in the program?

Advanced techniques to help build influence – Through the proven Maxwell method, you will learn key leadership, speaking, coaching, selling and mindset principles.

Gain certification – Any graduate of the program will become certified and licensed to coach, teach and speak to any company, and to any organization, anywhere in the world using the proven Maxwell Method.  Graduates will also receive manuals, speaking scripts, workbooks, presentations and related guides.

Coaching Training – As part of the program, students will gain access to 13 hours of video coaching, including one-on-one group coaching skills, how to set your coaching fees and training workbooks to go along with the video.

Speaker Training – Like the coaching training, students will receive six sets of speaking scripts, keynotes and speaking techniques, all in a six-hour video presentation.

Sales Training – In addition, students will have access to five hours of online videos covering cold calling skills, networking skills, gaining referrals, sales scripts and closing skills.

Marketing/Social Media Training – Students will have access to a comprehensive module system which offers entire video presentation on ways to market yourself and build a profitable speaking business.

3-day Live Training Seminar – Lastly, the program will include access to a three-day seminar, which is held in Florida.  During this seminar, students can get up close and personal with John C. Maxwell, partake in small grounds, learn best practices when coaching/presenting and the ability to network.

What are the extra costs?

The costs mentioned above will only include the costs for the 3-day workshop held in Florida.  You will also need to budget in the travel-related costs to get to the workshop.  This may include the hotel, car rental and airfare, for example.

Tips to know

Possessing a John Maxwell certificate means that you are now certified and licensed to teach, speak and coach individuals, companies and organizations worldwide using the John Maxwell books, products and curriculum.

Who joins the program?  According to the official website, faith-based people, franchisees, educators, trainers, real estate professionals, marketers, individuals seeking growth, corporate leaders and military members to name a few are all candidates who have succeeded with the program.

John C. Maxwell is the trainer of more than 6 million leaders, best-selling author of more than 74 leadership books and a legendary speaker for Fortune 500 companies.

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