Jos. A. Bank Tuxedo Rental Cost

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At most Jos. A. Bank locations, tuxedo rentals are available for a small fee.

With a large selection of styles and accessories available, Jos. A. Bank asks you visit a local location to view a catalog and get measured free of charge if interested.

Jos. A. Bank Tuxedo Rental Cost
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How much does a tuxedo rental cost at Jos. A. Bank?

In order to rent a tuxedo from Jos. A. Bank, a deposit will be required to start the reservation process.  For individual rentals, the company will ask for a $20 deposit at the time of booking, while group rentals will require a $40 deposit, with each member of the group paying an additional $20 each.  At this time, the retailer will also ask for a $20 down payment for each tuxedo, with the balance due in full at pickup.  If you do cancel or change your mind in the future, then you will have to forfeit your deposit at this time.

Every tuxedo rental will also include a non-refundable damage and handling fee of $12 each.

As for the actual tuxedo rental costs at Jos. A. Bank, the company does not go into detail as to how much it may cost, but from our research via third-party resources, we found the average tended to be in the $90 to $180 range for a complete package that includes the coat, pants, white laydown collar shirt, black vest, black ties, jewelry and the shoes.  We did find a PDF online that explained the package prices, which we included as a screenshot below for more information.  Do keep in mind that these prices can change at any time, so it’s best to use this as an estimate only.

Jos. A. Bank Tuxedo Rental Cost

Additional costs to consider

Rush fee:  According to the company’s FAQ page, there is a $20 rush fee if you needed a tuxedo less than seven days before the event or 14 days before the event in the case of a group booking.

Late fees:  A $20 late fee per day will apply if you do not return the tuxedo on time.  The FAQ does note that you’re able to return the tuxedo to any Jos. A. Bank location.

Damaged return fee:  If returned damaged, dirty or the tuxedo isn’t returned, then you will be charged the full price of the tuxedo.

Changes:  If you change your order in less than seven days before the event, a $20 fee may be applied.

Tips to know

After you place your deposit, the company will then send an email confirmation when your tuxedo is ready for pickup, generally two business days prior to your event day.  In the case of a rush shipment, then the tuxedo will arrive one day prior to the event.

The company recommends you schedule an appointment as soon as you know you’re going to need a tuxedo to make sure the tuxedo will be available and to give the store time to help you avoid any rush fees.  In most cases, the company recommends you contact the retailer at least two months in advance, but again, the sooner the better.

Tuxedo rentals are only available at a certain location; to know for certain which store offers tuxedo rentals, refer to the official store locator tool.

If you expect to wear a tuxedo more than two to three times in the next few years, then it may make sense to buy instead of renting.

All stores will provide a complimentary measurement for free.

Coupons and/or promo codes are almost always available.  Be sure to search for any of these deals before placing an order to see if you can save even more.

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Average Reported Cost: $90

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  1. Barry (Lakeland,  Florida) paid $90 and said:

    Paid this for each person in my party for a recent wedding.

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