JumpstartMD Program Cost

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The JumpstartMD medical weight loss program, said to be the most referred, medically supervised weight loss center in all of Northern California, has over 70,000 satisfied members, losing an average of 39 pounds, according to the official website.

The program offers one-on-one private sessions, real food, and real science, medically designed by Stanford-trained physicians based on proven nutritional science.

This weight loss program, like most, will come at a fee, however.

JumpstartMD Program Cost
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How much does the JumpstartMD program cost?

On the official website, like most weight loss programs, the company doesn’t specify any costs; rather, they ask you to click the “get started” button and fill out a small form to have a representative call you to set up an appointment to discuss the program in detail.  The FAQ also mentions the program will be based upon the frequency of your meetings and where you are in relation to your overall health and wellness goals.

While the official website doesn’t go into detail about pricing, we did find this Yelp review page for the Walnut Creek, California location, with members of the program claiming they had to pay $350 to $400 a month, but one reviewer, in particular on this Yelp review said the company told her the prices will range anywhere from $60 to $360 a month, but when she went further into details while in contact, a representative said it was a minimum of $360 a month, with the price increasing if you were to need more visits and/or attention.  To pay less, from her knowledge, you would have to submit a claim to see if your health insurance covered a portion of the monthly payment, usually only if you have high blood pressure, heart damage or high cholesterol, for instance.

In conclusion, while we couldn’t find the official prices, it appears you should be prepared to budget about $350 to $385 a month, according to the multiple Yelp reviews we found online, but use this as an estimate only.  For more information in regards to what it could cost you, we highly advise you contact the company directly for more information.

How does the JumpstartMD program work?

According to the FAQ, the initial visit, either with a nurse practitioner, physician assistant or physician, will help you understand the bariatric medicine and the program in general.  During this meeting, they will perform a medical evaluation, help review your goals and establish health and wellness goals, personalizing a path for the future.

The company’s website, from what we researched, was quite vague in the details as to work, only mentioning they believe in “real foods,” a well-regulated exercise program to help maintain your weight loss, personalized one-on-one sessions to help build your confidence and optional FDA-approved medicines.  Even after you lose the weight, the program will continue to help you with your long-term results.

One reviewer for the Los Gatos location said that every week with the nutritionist or nurse practitioner would involve taking your weight and blood pressure, also asking about your week, seeing what worked and what didn’t.  Aside from this, she mentioned the diet was basically no carbohydrates, other than vegetables, and similar to Weight Watchers, you will have a checklist with boxes, where you can check for any protein or carbohydrates.  Also offering appetite suppressant medicine and vitamin shots, an additional cost, was offered, but she declined for her plan.

Tips to know

The program’s patients, on average, lose one to five pounds per week, with the average patient, after about nine months of following the program, losing 17% of their body weight and seven inches in waist circumference, according to the company’s FAQ.  The results, overall, will depend on the starting weight, personal approach, program design and if any medical conditions exist.

Only located in Northern California at this time, the company offers locations in Marin, Piedmont, Walnut Creek, Pleasanton, Burlingame, Redwood City, San Francisco, Menlo Park, Redwood City, Mountain View, Los Gatos and Santa Cruz.  The company, as per the official location page, does note that “more” locations are coming soon.

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