Keloid Removal Cost

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A keloid scar is an overgrowth of the scar tissue which formed around the skin after an injury, such as a pierced ear, for instance, and according to the Henry Ford Health System, most keloids will be found on the chest, shoulders, earlobes following an ear piercing, the upper arms or cheeks.

Growing around the borders of this injury, a keloid is often raised and will have a shiny-like appearance, ranging in colors from pink to red.   If not taken care of, they can begin to itch, become tender and even be painful when touched.

Keloid Removal Cost
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Keloid removal surgery cost

The cost of a keloid removal will depend on the method used, your geographical region, the size of the keloid, the keloid location, the doctor you hire, the facility, medical insurance policy and the facility’s billing practice.  Based on these factors and the quotes we found online, the costs for keloid removal can range anywhere from as little as $75 for one injection to much more than $2,000+ for surgery.

Depending on the severity of the keloid and the reason for removal, your insurance company may cover the procedure.  Check with your doctor’s office and insurance policy to know the restrictions and what you may be responsible for.

According to Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS, a West Palm Beach plastic surgeon, noted the average cost at his facility would be about $750, plus any anesthesia-related costs if needed.

MethodDescriptionAverage Price (without insurance)
At-home productsSome over-the-counter products, such as creams and have been clinically proven to flatten, soften, and reduce redness of scars$18 to $35, depending on the brand
CryotherapyCryotherapy involves the useage of a liquid nitrogen, which is either sprayed directly onto the keloid or injected. This low temperature liquid nitrogen will cause the scar tissue to damage, resulting in a smaller size.$100 to $150 per session, with the number of sessions based on your circumstances
Pulsed Dye LaserA debated method, a pulsed dye laser can target the scar tissue without disturbing any of the surrounding area$100 to $150 per session
Silicone-based productThis is a non-invasive treatment option which will use small sheets of silicone that are designed to apply pressure directly onto the keloid. This method has been proven to reduce the size, as well as the pain and itching often felt, a common symptom. This treatment, which spreads out up to 90 days, will be applied for more than 12 hours per day.$15 to $50, depending on the shape and size of the sheets
Steroid InjectionsThis is often the most popular option before any other methods are even considered. Involving corticosteroids, such as Triamcinolone acetonide, the injection is injected directly into the keloid.$75 to $250 per session, with up to four sessions required, spaced about two to six weeks apart
SurgerySurgery can be considered; however, due to the high recurrence rate, this is more than likely going to be the doctor's last resort.$500 for a small keloid to $2,500+ for a complex keloid in a hard-to-reach area

The additional costs to consider

Skin grafts:  Even if the keloid removal surgery is considered successful, some instances may require a skin graft, which, depending on the severity of the removal, can reach well into the thousands.  This is rare, however.

Facility fees:  Most keloid can be done in an outpatient setting or even inside your doctor’s office, all of which can affect the pricing.  Typically, a hospital setting will be the priciest option, followed by an authorized outpatient center, but most removals will be done inside your doctor’s office, with the exception of surgery.  Also, since each center will have its own billing policies, some facilities may send more than one bill from outside professionals such as the surgeon and/or anesthesiologist, for example.

Anesthesiologist fees:  If needed, either local or general anesthesia may be required during the procedure, which is often billed separately from the surgery itself.  Depending on the length of the surgery, anesthesia bills can easily exceed $800.

Size and location of the keloid:  The smaller the keloid is, the easier it will be for the surgeon to remove it, hence, a shorter surgery time and the need for anesthesia, for instance.  However, if the keloid is larger than average and is located in a hard-to-reach place, then the surgery could take much longer, leading to higher-than-average fees.

Tips to know

Do keep in mind that using surgery as an option can lead to more scars if the surgery wasn’t handled appropriately.

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