How Much Does a Keurig Coffee Maker Cost?

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Many people are attracted to the Keurig coffee maker because it only brews one cup of coffee at a time and comes in  a variety of coffee flavors you can choose from.

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How much does a Keurig coffee maker cost?

On average, the Keurig branded coffee makers will cost anywhere from $79 to as much as $250.  This will depend on the features the maker has and the model.

One with a grinder can cost anywhere from $80 to $150.  This brewing system will use the K-cups and grind coffee grounds.

A single cup machine can range anywhere from $70 to $175.  These tend to be the most popular package due to the simplicity of the product.

A carafe based model is ideal for offices and for those who want to brew more coffee than the average user.  This type of machine can average from $100 to $250.

ModelPrice Range
K350/K360/K300$150 (discontinued)
K450/K460/K400$150 (discontinued)
K10/B10/B31 Mini Plus$70 to $100 (discontinued)
K45/B45 Elite (K40/B40)$110
K130/B130 Brewing System$85
K140/B140 Commercial Brewing System$130
K145/B145 OfficePRO$130
K150/B150 Commercial Brewing System$250
K155/B155 OfficePRO Premier Brewing System$250
K3000SE Commercial Brewing System$625
Kold Drinkmaker$375

Keurig coffee maker overview

Various options will range from a four to 12-ounce cup.  The four to six-ounce option is commonly designed for an espresso, while the 12-ounce option is more for a cup of coffee.

Depending on the model, common features include an auto turn on/off feature, a brewing time display, hot water option, programmability and quiet brew technology.  Usually, the less features the maker has, the more user-friendly it will be.

Most Keurig coffee makers will come with a few samples of Keurig coffee cups.  This will depend on the model purchased.

Some Keurig coffee makers will come with reusable filters, while other filters may need to be replaced.

Limited warranties will come with all makers.  This can last up to more than 90 days when purchased.

What are the extra costs?

Probably the largest cost of the Keurig coffee maker are the Keurig single-serve coffee cups.  These can cost $0.50 to $1 per K-cup, depending on the brand and flavors.  Most of these will have to be purchased in boxes of 10 or more.  The Keurig brand has hundreds of flavors.

Certain accessories can be purchased for the Keurig.  If your coffee maker did not come with a reusable filter, one can be purchased for about $15.  A carousel made to hold your individual Keurig cups will cost about $25.  A refillable Keurig cup, which can be filled with any store-bought coffee, will cost about $17.

Water filtering is optional for machines which may develop a bitter water taste.

An optional water feed plumbing kit is available for those who want to directly connect the water to their coffee maker.

Tips to know

All models are designed to fit on the counter and no under cabinet or built-in units are available.

If you see the “UL household” rating on the machine, this means the coffee maker is intended for home use only.  If you want a commercial model, look for the “UL commercial” rating.

The Keurig 2.0 will only work by using K-cup branded pods only.

Aside from brewing coffee, all makers can create a cup of hot water on demand. In fact, newer models have a hot water option to make the process even easier.

How can I save money?

The best way to save money on a Keurig coffee maker is to watch the sales ads at your local stores or online.  They go on sale quite often since they are such a popular item.  Some stores to keep your eyes on includes Staples, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and

Add up the costs, because over time, this machine can be rather expensive when buying the refills.  While the machine is very convenient, purchasing coffee grounds and brewing regular coffee can save the average user a lot of money every month.  Business Insider noted it can cost up to five times more than getting coffee from the pot.  Using an example, if you were to purchase a 60 K-cup pack for about $30, this will come down to $0.50 per cup.  On the other hand, a regular cup of coffee from a typical pot of coffee will be less than $0.07 per 12-ounce cup.

Consider a reusable filter as this allows you to fill the K-cup with the coffee of your choice.

If possible, consider purchasing one used.  Since there are so many models out there, sites such as Craigslist and eBay are a great option for those to find a reliable used machine.  If purchasing used, be sure to ask about the condition as well as see it work in person before making the purchase.

Registering your brewer on will get you two boxes of brewed beverages.

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